Friday, 8 July 2011

7月7日! + seven pieces~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~ o(^-^)o

So originally I wasn't planning on doing anything special today (hard to believe isn't it? But I swear it's the truth!), but yesterday when I was eating pancakes (my mom tries to fatten me up every time I stay at home xD) in my blissful ignorance my mom walked into the kitchen and casually asked "So how are you going to celebrate tomorrow?" and at first I was wondering what she was going on about until I realized what was special about that day haha. I wasn't expecting her to be so in tune with my obsession with sevens. xD Bless her. So after that I of course had to come up with some ways to celebrate the 7th of the 7th, since hell, even my mom was expecting it!

So today I was of course wearing my LIVE JOURNEY 2011 Niigata t-shirt and ate some very delicious curry for lunch and then as the main spectacle of the day I watched LIVE FORMULA 2007-2008 with my little boys.

The eager Nana+Keitan fans!

Well Fievel buggered off to sleep quite fast, but Elvis stayed on the rug and slept there with his ears up - obviously listening. (^-^)

Anyways, this was the first time I watched LIVE FORMULA through completely. I've refrained from watching whole concerts on my own, since I was saving the experience for our Nana Nights, but since we won't be having one any time soon due to me being located in a different country now... it was time to watch one alone for the first time. I have to say LIVE FORMULA was amazing. Nana speaking English in the opening video made my heart squeal with delight - it was so cute and I wasn't expecting it!! <3 Another part that caught me by surprise was when Nana played the harmonica during Crystal Letter - the amount of talent that woman has will never cease to amaze me. LIVE FORMULA also had a few of the songs she did in Niigata for LIVE JOURNEY too, and somehow it was amazing to listen to them now from a concert DVD since I had myself experienced those in person - I had waved my pen light around like a madman just like those people at the LIVE FORMULA concert. I think I will forever share a special bond with those 23 songs I heard in my first Nana concert experience. It will definitely be an unbelievable experience to watch LIVE JOURNEY again once the Blurays get released.

On a fun side note, my mom came home and popped by in the living room when Nana was trying to come down the stairs with her long dress she used for acoustic songs and what not. Nana was having a lot of trouble and was like "Yaaaaay" when she made it down and mom cheered too, haha. At one point mom also came to comment that I better be waving that pen light around with my left hand too so that I don't only buff up my right arm. xD She's a funny woman. I think she doesn't mind Nana too much, I saw her tapping her fingers along to What cheer? when we were listening to it in the car. (≧▽≦)/

OH AND I MUST MENTION that I found the first two episodes of seven pieces~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~ yesterday! Holy hell, they're amazing!! I definitely appreciate a sneak peek into Nana's life tremendously. I enjoyed every part of it - the recording of POP MASTER, the seiyuuing and radio hosting and whatnot, rehearsing the HIGH-STEPPER choreograph (This I found on YouTube as well, you can [watch it from here], ahhhh so hawt <3) the clips from LIVE JOURNEY and so forth!! All of it is truly amazing!! AND HOLY HELL IT HAD FOOTAGE FROM NIIGATA!!!! I am so happy that it contained one of the best moments of my life, namely the moment Nana was revealed from behind the screen and I saw her for the first time in the flesh:

THIS EXACT MOMENT. So damn amazing! I nearly jizzed my pants when the SCARLET KNIGHT bell tolled.

I am so happy that I can relive that moment again and again thanks to seven pieces~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~, it meant so much to me. Also funnily enough, you can see a little blonde blop, in other words my head, in one of the audience shots. xD I can't believe that I actually made it to Nana's documentary on my first concert.(*^-^*)I KNOW I'M TINY AND BARELY VISIBLE BUT STILL!! I'M THERE!! I am so ecstatic it cannot be described by words.

Click on the image to see a bigger version. I'M THERE FUCKING YEAH!! xD

Amazingly enough, they even included Nana's crazy fall from the stage on the documentary too. It's still so damn unbelievable how she maneuvered that fall. She even seems to have done some sort of little spin during it, since she lands facing the stage. Like I said before in this post, this woman's talent will never cease to amaze me. I really don't know how she does everything she does and so amazingly well. <3

Nana, the wonder woman, right after the fall.

So... anyone want to count how many times I've said amazing in this entry? x'D

In any case, that's it for now. I shall finish up my wonderful Nana day by watching some of her PVs in preparation for my top 10 list of them I plan on doing. Also, look forward to my top 20 Nana song list soon! Amy - you will need to reveal yours soon too!

Oh and on a sidenote, happy Tanabata everyone! (^-^)

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  1. I have to mention that apparently my dad happened to celebrate 7月7日 too by accident - he went to eat curry for lunch and even listened to Nana that day. How hilarious, I didn't expect him to actually listen to her even if he did ask me to make him a Nana playlist after the concert. :O

    I do love my family. <3