Monday, 28 March 2011

Nana's Charity Program + 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 08

Nana <3
Holy hell, I am stunned - Nana's charity program was just simply amazing. I was expecting the heart-felt 7月7日, since that is one of the usual songs Nana sings accompanied by her harpist friend, Mika, but Innocent Starter and SUPER GENERATION were a surprise and were so very damn beautiful! The program started with Nana offering her condolences to the victims of the disaster and you could really see how sad she was. During her songs you could sense how much she cared and hell I was so touched that I might've even cried if stupid things didn't keep interrupting my lovely experience. Grrr. Anyway - Nana you are so pretty! (*゜Д゜*) I'm glad she ended with a happy song like SUPER GENERATION, as otherwise she probably would've cried herself. At the end of it all she didn't even give us an ending speech, but instead just whispered a very very sincere "Arigatou" which totally blew me away.

The charity program was a huge success donation-wise as well, since an admirable 2,643,900 yen (= more than £20,000) was raised within the 35 minutes of the program. I am sure this makes Nana very happy, as she was finally able to do something to help everyone, who's suffering because of the disaster. I have to say I am also glad that I got to be a part of this. Look, it's me right there in the middle taking up a ridiculous amount of space thanks to my rogue exclamation mark! I can never do anything in a normal way it seems...

Yay, it's me!


And now to the song of the day...

Day 08 - A song you know all the words to
Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko by Ogura Yuko (though I prefer the version sung by Koshimizu Ami & Noto Mamiko..)

So I really have no particular reason to choose this song, as really, if I've ever liked a song it's 98% sure that I have memorized the lyrics by heart. Yes, I can still sing songs I listened to when I was only 7-years old from start to finish without a problem, because I am awesome like that. I can also easily sing and memorize songs in Finnish, English, Japanese, Swedish and Spanish or even German if I feel like it. Yes, take that! Baby in the face! Bask in the bright light of my awesomeness. A better challenge would've been to choose a song I like to which I for some reason do not have the lyrics memorized to. So yeah anyway, I just ended up choosing this song since I had fun learning it last spring and singing it when I walked around town with my friends. I also like the message in it of how boys are always silly and and don't understand girls' feelings - timing is key!

In other news...  I'm giving you people one more day to crack the challenge in my previous post! Ganbatteee!

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