Sunday, 27 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 07


And I finally have the energy to write something extra as well, hallelujah. So know my good fellows, I shall present you with a challenge. Anyone who knows what is being depicted by  the following conversation gets kudos (and maybe a cookie). Aaron is not allowed to participate as he is also part of the conversation.

R: :O
A: *gets shot*
R: *puts mask on your face*
A: *turns all evil and shit*
R: *gets angry and battles you*
A: *mask falls off dramatically*
R: *is shocked by unexpected plot twist and defends herself with the gun she got as a gift from you*
A: *waits to get shot*
R: *points trembling gun at you and gets the resolve to press trigger*
A: *falls in a stupidly overacted manner*
R: *places trampled rose on your chest and majestically walks away*

End of story. Any guesses? ;)

Aaaand now, to the song of the day!

Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event
So What by P!nk

I will never forget how when this song came up, when I went to P!nk's concert with my best friend for the first time, she shouted "SHE'S SHIT!" after the Jessica Simpson part of the second verse. Priceless. I am so glad I have that on video, even if I have no idea where that video is... maybe I should try and find it? Ah never mind, there it is. So let me rephrase myself - ehum, I am so glad I have that on video and even remember where the video is! WIN! Definitely one of the best concert experiences I've had (the second time was extremely fun too), we had so much fun! Anyways, this song had a big role in our lives during the first year of uni otherwise as well, so that magnified the experience of hearing it live even more! We were totally singing  along so loud I'm surprised our lungs didn't pop out. Awesome times. <3

Also I have to say that I love how in the beginning of the song she sings "Nanananaananaaanaaananananaanana" . ;)


  1. Good guess! I can definitely see why Darker than BLACK would come to mind. However, that is not the right answer. :o

  2. Well i was gonna say canaan cause of the gun, but the mask threw me off. ; ; Oh wells.

  3. Muahah, that has nothing to do with an anime. ;)

  4. wait am i the only one guessing here >.>?

  5. Seems like it. :'D
    You should be presented with the right answer later today...

  6. I was going to guess, but I really have no idea lol
    Oh well ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  7. Soon the truth shall be revealed....