Saturday, 8 January 2011

Elvis knows talent when he sees it!

I think my dog Elvis likes Nana too or then he can somehow smell through the computer screen that she has a chihuahua too. :o A few days ago before starting to write code in the morning, I decided to watch a couple of songs from Nana Mizuki Live Games x Academy -Blue- to get me in a good mood. The moment I put the Blu-ray in my laptop, Elvis, who had been peacefully sleeping on my little sofa, had sat up completely erect and stared at me intently. I took him on my lap and he slumped down instantly with his head on top of my right arm, facing the screen of my laptop. The two songs I picked also had dance routines, and every time Nana would change the pitch of her voice or do an interesting move Elvis would raise his head and stare. Once I took the Blu-ray out he left. Haha he is definitely MY dog! He seems to like Hikki as well as we watched her concert together during the summer holidays. It is indeed nice to know that the man of my life approves of the women in my life! ;)

Rock on my little Elvis!

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