Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Top 10 Drinks

Okay so, I came up with this fun idea of doing a Top 10 list of something each week. So if you have any suggestions or desires on what I should make a list of, feel free to tell me and I'll probably get around to it eventually (well depends on what you suggest).

Also just to be clear, this has nothing to do with the previous blog post - you will eventually find out what that was about! Maybe. Hah.

Anyway, first list...

Top 10 Drinks

10.  Very berry smoothie
Mmmm, very berrylicious indeed. For a Finn who has spent her childhood collecting berries in the forest and eating them from bushes, this drink is quite delicious and nostalgic in a way.

9. Thatchers' ciders
Even though I am not much of an alcohol person, I do love Thatchers ciders - probably because they are so tasty and applelicious. Nothing like the more common ciders, like Strongbow, that speaking in all honesty, taste like piss.

8. Apple juice
I've been drinking apple juice ever since I can remember and it's just stuck with me through the years. Funny how I never got sick of it, considering I drank it every morning as a kid (and considering that's what happened with me and bananas).

 7. Bloody Mary
Sorry Nana, but I really like tomatoes..... don't hate me.....please...  and also, this one of the only alcoholic drinks that I truly enjoy. Can't go wrong with tomatoes + spices. Mmmm.

6. Marli Ice Tea
My mom's friend got me hooked on this stuff a couple of summers ago by serving it to me every day when I was helping her do some work. I've tried other ice teas, but after this, they don't taste all that good...

5. Pepsi
When Coke is not available, Pepsi will have to do. The taste of the two is very distinguishable from each other in my opinion and Coke is what I prefer. Though  I have to say that there are times, very rare, when I get a specific craving for Pepsi. Oh I am talking about normal Pepsi here even though I couldn't resist putting a picture of Pepsi Nex here... I am sure you can guess why that is...

4. Green tea
I was contemplating whether or not to put specific teas, but in the end just decided to go with the broader category of green tea. I like it all, so it makes sense! Nothing like a cup of tea in the morning.

3. Finnish tap water
The quality of Finnish tap water beats that of most if not all bottled water sold in the world, and I didn't even make this up: [proof]. So yeah anyway, I love it and it definitely is the best tasting water I know.

2. Pocari Sweat
The awesome Japanese sports drink! It is said to really help out with recovering from physical activities and let me tell you - it really does! Countless of times I've walked around like crazy and had the most achy feet ever, then drank Pocari Sweat and voila, pain is gone and energy is back! And hell, even Kirihara Misaki drinks it.

1. Coca Cola
I am an addict, I admit it. Though I have been quite successfully rehabilitating myself this autumn by only drinking it when I'm out and about and not buying any home. But yes, Coke is good, can't be helped!

I might change my mind after I post this, but oh well - that's life. (Already changed my mind after posting this once, see what did I say?!)
Ha and I bet you're all surprised that I didn't make a Nana list!


  1. Where's blowjobs with me?


  2. That makes it sound like I should add giving blowjobs to you on the list lolol. But yeah anyways, we haven't gone to drink those yet so of course there was no place for them on the list (yet)!

  3. Oddly enough, my favourite drink at the moment is water...

    I'm a boring SOB sometimes lol.

    Ooo ooo! Do a top 10 list of favourite animes!! :)

  4. I would understand that perfectly IF it was Finnish tap water. ;) I gotta warn you though, after having a taste of that nothing else will ever feel quite the same...

    And roger that good sir. :)