Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas nearly cancelled.

So... I just spent a lovely few days being stuck in London. I mean, I definitely had nothing better to do this near Christmas or anything so thank you for that Heathrow. Saturday was like straight from a nightmare - everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It was quite a battle already getting from Worcester to Heathrow with the taxis not operating and trains being delayed horribly and terminating ages before their actual final stop and then we got there just to be told that our flights were cancelled. It was all even more downhill from there... But I'm not writing this post to complain about it, I'm writing it to...

... Say a big thank you to all the people who fought through the same situation with me and all the people who showed their support. You truly made it all more bearable and gave me the strength to keep on pushing forward. It was really touching to see how many people truly wanted me to make it out of that situation and how it really frustrated e.g. my dad that he could not really do anything about it. So yes, a big thank you to everyone! I am glad we all (well everyone I saw during those few days) made it out of there before Christmas. :) I also have to say that all my Nana encounters helped out a lot too. I have to clarify that with that I do not mean I actually encountered Nana (I wish I had...) but I encountered things that had something to do with her, like the magazine I bought that had an ad with her picture on it and a Nanoha poster, the little girl saying she loves her and finding out she went through the same terminal at Heathrow that I use.

Also I have to say that if the flight on Tuesday had been cancelled too I would have either marched to the Finnair desk like this:

Fly me to Finland..... NOW.

 Or, like this:

Wahhhh.... I am all alone in the cold world.... fly me hoooomeee... *Sniffles*

Wonder if that would've helped at all....? :D Oh yeah, and here's a fun article to read: How Helsinki airport deals with snow and ice. Heathrow really should learn about this disaster, I mean, there really wasn't even any snow there (on Tuesday when I left there was none and they were still going on about severe weather conditions) and hell there's many feet of snow in Finland and everything works bloody well!

Well anyways, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. :)


  1. Good thing ya made it through all that Brit crap and got back to good old Finland! :D
    Hope your Christmas is better from here on out.
    So, Merry Christmas to ya! :)

    (I'm actually dreading my Christmas, but I'll tell ya about that later :P)

  2. Yes!! She's out of the country! xD

    Of course I'm joking, enjoy your Xmas back at home and have a Happy New Year :)