Monday, 16 July 2018

[Announcement] So I moved back to Japan!

Maybe you've been wondering where the rest of my LIVE GATE reports were, but for once I had a legit reason for disappearing for a few months.

I moved back to Japan start of June!

I have been really busy with the move on both ends and with Japan being Japan, I only got internet in my new home just a week ago. Hence, I haven't really been in a position to make this announcement either until now.

Hopefully soon I can resume with LIVE GATE (If you guys still want them with the BD/DVD already out and all?) and then move onto LIVE ISLAND. At least you can expect me to attend events more easily now, even if my write ups still take a million years...

Anyways, things are still pretty crazy for me right now with getting used to my new job and new life, not to mention I am still struggling with grief from a recent personal loss (which I may, or may not, talk about later) so bear with me!


  1. omedetou~~ and also ganbatte... lol

  2. Can we expect a review of Lyrical Party VI from you or didn't you attend it?

    1. Heya! Sadly I wasn't yet in Japan for it, so no review of LyriPa VI from me sadly. Should be attending more events from now on!