Thursday, 5 November 2015

『SUPER☆MAN』PV, Zachou Kouen and some other stuff

So about a week ago, Super Nana Man made her landing on earth and it's taken me a while to absorb it in its entirety. I was expecting something like this, since Nana had said it was like the second coming of DISCOTHEQUE, but I still got overwhelmed. xD But anyway, let's talk a bit about the SUPER☆MAN PV and also, some other things!

In case you haven't seen this yet, or just want to see it again, I'll kick this off with the video itself. Enjoy!

I love how a lot of this literally fits with what the song is about. I mean, it's so literal that even the door is mentioned in the song. xD I think if I had heard SUPER☆MAN first without the PV, it would have taken me quite a while to like it, but combined with the PV like this I am finding it pretty fun much faster. It reminds me of the 90's somehow. It must be because of those melody bits like at 0:28, I've heard that kinda stuff so many times I feel, though I am not saying I am tired of it or anything. It's actually pretty interesting it hearing it in something that's released now, and in Japanese music to boot.

I have to say that there usually is something that bothers me in Nana's PVs recently (well before too ... xD). I'm not sure if it's because I do video editing stuff at work a lot and pay more attention to stuff than I used to, but often there is one thing in each PV that makes me feel like the editor got sloppy. But in regards to this one, I don't really have any qualms. Apart from, well, perhaps the violet/purple/pink fonts that are unreadable unless you pause (...though, not like you'd even try to read them until the 77777th time you watch the video since before then you are just too busy staring at costumed Nana). xD

The violet font is worse, but I just wanted to put Police Nana here :3

And I personally think that every close up shot should serve a purpose in the whole, and shouldn't be there just for let's say awkward eye candy. Here's an example of one that I approve of, since it serves a purpose in the PV's narrative and is actually a super cool shot because of the hand movement that breaks the stillness temporarily:

This and all the other close ups demonstrating Nana's super transformation are a-ok (Super Nana Hand is the best) \o/

On the other hand, the one hip close up we see in the beginning is just super awkward, especially since the movement of leaning forward and doing a shake is awkward from that angle too (the other close up to her hips later works fine because the movement there is interesting).

Another good example of a yes and no close up can be found in Exterminate, which I didn't have time to write about at all - the close up hip shot where she whisks her coat is super cool, while the close up of her behind serves no purpose apart from, well, the obvious, and is very detached from what goes on before and after that (the pan of her from top to bottom in Synchrogazer, however, works fine because her situation in that capsule is intriguing).

Well, I ended up rambling more than I was planning to. Gomen. (^-^;;) Anyways, I wonder if the shoot for this PV made her have a thing for cosplaying? She seems to be enjoying all the different dress ups in the video, and then recently she even cosplayed Ange on Halloween and was super excited about that [on her blog] and says she wants to do something like that again nest year lol.

After saying all this, I should note that I haven't seen the full version of the PV yet since I guess it hasn't been released yet (I really wish Nana would still post those on her YouTube too like she used to, instead of just the short versions *cry*), but from what Nana [blogged] recently it seems that Keitan-sensei is going to appear in the last scene. Looking forward to that since I am a sucker for cute long-haired chihuahuas, having two myself. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ~イ! I figured it was a good idea for me to write this before I see that though, otherwise my doggy bias would kick in and I'd just keep chanting that this is the best PV ever.

Well, ehum, I'll stop my SUPER☆MAN ramblings here and move on to other matters...

Zachou Kouen
My bosses were nice enough to allow me a few days of freedom to attempt and attend this in January regardless of the busy days we'll prob still have at work then. I can't even express how happy that made me. Though, of course it's still not set in stone that I can actually attend Zachou Kouen, as there is still the lottery to tackle. orz which might be hard since I don't have the means to buy that many albums like I used to (since now I have to also pay for the flights to get there and back). So, in case you are getting SMASHING ANTHEMS, and have no use for the lottery serial yourself (and are hoping for a report from yours truly), I don't mind help in making that happen. m(_ _)m I will try very hard to make it a reality by myself too though.

Lyrics Translations
I  really fell in love with Never Let Go when I heard it, so I will try to get around to translating it right after the official album release and I get to feast my eyes on the official lyrics. From the other new songs we've gotten a glimpse of, コイウタ。(Koi Uta.) and SUPER☆MAN,  I doubt I will do translations, since they haven't left such a huge impression on me like Never Let Go did (I do like them though). I do suspect that there'll be more songs on the album I'll be dying to translate once I hear them and hopefully will have time to tackle all of those ones quite swiftly. We'll see! 

Live Reports
I'm making quite good progress with the second Osaka day of LIVE ADVENTURE and hopefully will be done with it very soon. Then I'll get cracking with the final concert in Seibu Dome right away! Hoping to get even that one out before Christmas, otherwise I'll murder myself lol.

Well that's all for now folks!

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  1. YEA YEA YEA i got a weird feel when watching those movement in THAT costume take awhile for me to accept this image >.<;; Nana too sexy for me to watch ^^;;;

    looking forward to the album and ur update XP