Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thoughts on エデン PV

I was going to write this entry right after the short version of the Eden PV came out, but since I was pretty disappointed by Kouhaku Uta Gassen at that time (I was already a bit vary ever since I heard that Nana was doing a collaboration with T.M.Revolution again but I at least expected an equal input from her and his side... not one line of a Nana song and then just Preserved Roses for most of the performance. That one line of slowed down Kindan no Resistance was breathtaking, but Preserved Roses just didn't fit the mood at all. orz ehum anyway, this is not what this entry is about...) I figured I'd wait till the long version so that I don't mirror my disappointment into the PV without just cause.

Buuuut, waiting for the long version didn't really change my opinion. I'll start with the good stuff so this doesn't just become a rant. No actually, I will start by the video itself (albeit just the short version) so here you go:

So the things I really liked about the Eden PV:
  • The ambient noise at the beginning of the PV was not the same as it's been in so many of her PVs. Not sure if the emergency vehicle sirens were put there because they were actually part of the story the PV wanted to convey, but if so then I think they did fit well with the mood of the song and story.

  • The idea behind the PV story was good. I really liked the theme of winter and Nana being alone, I think they fit Eden very well. The snowflake in the beginning is very pretty. Nana's outfit is also very pretty.
  • The band scene where Nana lets her emotions "flow" per se, is pretty cool. Also the snowflake falling on her hand. And the frozen window scene. They all go well with the idea behind the PV, which I already mentioned I liked.

... And that's pretty much it for the good stuff. Apart from those, I was quite let down to be honest, for these reasons:

  • There's been an abundance of these Nana with a band PVs lately. Usually I don't mind them, because they still have nice stories to tell in between the band scenes. But not this one. orz
  • Now you might think "wait a sec, she just said that the idea of the PV was good." And yes, the idea was good, but the execution was very bad. The story could have been very touching and beautiful, but instead all we get is

    - Nana with her hands on her chest
    - Nana putting her hands on her chest
    - Nana taking her hands off her chest

    One of those three all the time. Throughout the whole video. I got so annoyed about it that I even counted the times. Nana has her hands on her chest 33 times during the long version of the video. That's like 6 times per minute. Like once every 10 seconds. It's ridiculous. I would really like to slap the director. It's like he didn't care at all about what he was doing. Nana can do much more than that, so let her. orz
  • The bad fade in/outs make a return as well. I am not a pro video editor (even though it is something I do on my free time and at work) and even I can do it much better than the guy who's been doing them for Nana's videos. It's also clearly visible in Metro Baroque PV which I love a lot, apart from these poorly made fade ins/outs. orz

Well this turned out to be quite a rant in the end. It just bothers me when people don't give Nana the respect she deserves, be it her fans or her director or whoever else. This PV could have been so much better, it had a lot of potential. (T^T)

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