Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Some Changes

So as I have been painfully late with pretty much all my LIVE FLIGHT reports, I thought I'd spare a few words to explain what I have been up to in the past few months. Thus, here are some mention worthy things from the ridiculously busy life I have been leading recently:

  • During the summer I was writing the final version of my thesis and also dying of nerves while preparing for and doing my master's final presentation.

  • In September I graduated. Oh and I also went to Singapore for the first time for a certain LIVE FLIGHT 2014+. :p I also looked for jobs, jobs, jobs.

  • In October the job hunt continued... and I had to prepare to move out of Japan and pack my life there neatly into a suitcase.... or few. Oh and then I also did a presentation about my research at Tokyo International Film Festival. \o/

  • In November I moved back to Finland. And two weeks later I moved again to my own place (which I share with Mr.@flying_mug). Then a week later I started working. I got a job related to my studies at an awesome game company. Wohey!

  • In December been trying to get used to the full-time working life of an adult.

So yes... the biggest change is that sadly I don't live in Japan anymore.... for now. Hopefully eventually I will go back. But we'll see where life (and my ambitious nature) takes me. Nana at least seems to pay tribute to my move back into the [land of snow].

How even Finns in anime feel about Japan. 

I will, however, continue attending Nana lives and writing my reports. My job is awesome and laid back so it is not much of a problem for me to pop by Japan at appropriate times. Thus, I will be back in Japan for LIVE THEATER -Acoustic-.

And that pretty much covers all of it. There really shouldn't be any changes to my blogging, except perhaps now that my life has normalized I will start writing stuff a bit more on time.. >.>;; but I always say that don't I....? Also, while I was busy being busy... I missed out on the chance to celebrate 77,777 views on my blog. I am so fail. orz (now I have to wait until 777,777 ehehehe..... (~Д~))

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