Friday, 26 November 2010

Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol.2

This morning I was about to make toast in a half-asleep state of mind, when suddenly I felt like a toast myself - jumping out of my skin when someone knocked on the front door. My new Hikki album had arrived.

Single Collection Vol.2 is mainly just a collection of her singles (gasp, I bet you couldn't have guessed that yourself) with some added new material. Words aren't really capable of describing how amazing this album is, Hikki always seems to be topping herself with whatever she decides to do and has never brought me even slight disappointment. I'll look at some songs in detail here.

Kiss & Cry: I am not sure if the tracks have been remastered or if they're just better quality than the original albums I have (talking about the ripped versions of the songs now, as obviously CD quality is better than what it is on the computer), but no matter what the case, the singles sound amazing. It is really evident in this song, Kiss & Cry, as the bass in it shook me to my very core. It somehow made me feel very much alive.

Show Me Love (Not a Dream): *new song* This song gives me a similar sensation as some Paramore songs, but in much a stronger sense - a melancholic atmosphere filled with a sense of purpose. I really like the topic of the song and the line can you show me love, not a dream. I mean, many relationships are full of hopes and wishes that are aimed for, usually a bit out there not quite in reach, but at the end of the day what's really important is to show love then and there... If that makes any sense. Hopefully it did.

Can't Wait 'Til Christmas: *new song* Holy shit this combination of gentle singing and a magical piano melody makes me melt. It is just indescribably beautiful and fills me with nice mushy feelings that make me grin stupidly while I sit alone in my  room. Hikki, I'm already, ah, loving you.

Goodbye Happiness: *new song* This song gives me mixed feelings. In one hand it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, and in the other it is one of the saddest. So in other words, I love Hikki for making this song because it really touches my soul and makes me feel like life is worth it all (even if you had to bid happiness farewell), but I also am really frustrated with her for making it as it really also works as the grand finale for her career. That's rather alarming, since it makes her about-to-begin-hiatus seem rather final. So yeah, this song elevates me and rips me to shreds at the same time - Quite a frustrating feat, yet very admirable.

Another amazing thing about Goodbye Happiness is its music video. The idea behind it is very simple, yet one of the most fun I have ever seen. You will see what I mean in a moment. Also the fact that it's been filmed in one shot makes it truly marvelous. At the same time however, it really emphasizes the finality of it all. The things going on in the video and the items in it reference quite many of Hikki's old music videos and that combined with the lyrics :

So Goodbye Happiness / nani mo shirazu ni hashaideta / ano koro e wa mou modorenai ne / soredemo ii no / Love me 
And that in English is:

So Goodbye Happiness / We can’t return to those times / When we were naive and energetic / But that’s okay / Love me

For me it makes it sound like she's telling us that things will never be like what it was back in the day when she was making those music videos, like, this is it. Oh well, I am glad she did give us a proper farewell though I do hope she will one day be back from her hiatus. No matter what, I will always love her and her work - that will never change.

Here is the music video, enjoy. :)

And if you're interested about the references here are a few:
  • Piano on bed = Prisoner of Love
  • yellow armchair = Automatic
  • "teacher" = Keep Tryin'
  • bear head = Boku wa Kuma
  • Flag, hat and marching = Traveling

There are more, but since they are not as clear cut as those I will not bother to add them on the list here.

That's all folks, I did go on for a bit didn't I?


  1. Quite the post you've made this time!
    Let's hope being on hiatus means she'll come back one day.
    If she doesn't, well, let's wish her the best of luck in whatever she does next!

  2. Read this this morning but forgot to leave a comment :O

    Very interesting stuff... I love intricate things like that, like everything is their for a purpose. If they do make another Saw film they could learn a thing or two about Utada's latest video :D

    Also, those songs rock ^_^

  3. Yes indeed, let's hope so! But yeah, if she doesn't I shall be content as long as she's happy. :)

    And gasp Aaron, how could you forget?! We're talking about a comment that was meant for ME after all. o_o But yeah, I love stuff like that too and Utada's done that with everything really, her videos and her songs. And dear god I do hope they'll just let Jigsaw's legacy rest in peace now..And now, I think I shall listen to those songs while I type out a new post! <3