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NANA WINTER FESTA 2014 on 1月19日

NANA WINTER FESTA 2014 second day, hajimarimasu~!
So, back to my usual way of starting a report entry.... I am really really sorry about how late I am with this. "orz I had all the intention to be done with it right after writing about the first night..... but then school hit me, and hard. For over a month I was constantly working on a really important demo for my project group and my thesis, so I really had no time or energy to spare for this. My apologies. But in case you are interested, all that hard work did pay off and my demo was a huge success! I couldn't be happier... but I am really worn out now. But anyways, enjoy the report now that it is finally here!

Inside Ariake Colosseum
Damn, my seat was so much better than I could ever have imagined. I was on a corner block on the north side tonight, on the 4th row! Really close to one of the ends of the stage at the back in other words, and with a really nice view of the stage in general. I am really happy about this. But still I am quite surprised about this, considering I used way more lottery numbers for yesterday than today. xD

The lights turn off then, and instantly we get....

Same pic as last entry, sorry don't have another one for this part orz

(Again, some MCs might be misplaced since Mishi-P talked a lot, gomen)

Dramatic Love
Today since I was on the north side, aka the "back", I got to see Nana and Team Yoda from behind the whole duration of this song. Not that it made it any less enjoyable of course, it gave me a good opportunity to focus more on Nana's super concentrated face on the big screen during the dance-only part I already mentioned in my entry of the first night of WINTER FESTA. It also gave me time to appreciate how effortlessly Nana sings the chorus, considering how I am close to running out of air when I sing it in karaoke. Not that I am comparing myself to Nana's skills, but you just appreciate things more deeply once you know exactly how hard it is to do yourself. xD Though I have already long before concluded that Nana has superhuman breathing capabilities considering how she can run from one end of a big stage to the other and sing perfectly at the same time.

Anone ~mamimume mogacho~
This took me by surprise! ... Though, after sparing a seconds of thought to this, I remembered that Mishi-P had actually made a joke about this song yesterday.. something about it being Nana Song Best 10 #1... not! lol or something like that. Anyways, I didn't think about it for too long because I was too busy waving my arms up and down in that fun little dance and singing for Nana in the chorus. This song is seriously too much fun.

Akio call. I get the feeling that everyone is ready to tease the hell out of this man tonight (and observe, it has transformed from Mishi-P to Akio). xD Before Mishi-P has the chance to make it up on stage tonight, Nana greets us with a "Konbanwa!" making me feel that she didn't like the fact that Mishi-P stole that honor from her last night. They go through the basics again, of the 360 degrees of audience and how it's been 7 years since the first Nana Festa.

After that Nana and Mishi-P talk about the start of the year again. They talk about Kouhaku of course and Nana mentions how she practiced really hard for the outfit change after Mishi-P asks if we were surprised by Nana's transformation. They continue talking about that night's schedule, how NHK ended at 1:30am, and Nana made it home after CDTV at 5am..... and then she disappeared according to Mishi-P and Nana protests by saying she did call him to say she was going to New York. Then she tells how her and her mom arrived at the hotel too early to check in their luggage, so they just left them there and went sightseeing all day.... Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building... Yep, this woman never sleeps obviously. xD I think then Nana proceeded to tell us how her and her mom were kinda confused at the airport there, because things worked differently to Japan and she had been there all "Sorry sorry sorry sorry".... ahhh, Nana English. Give me more. <3

After the New York story, Mishi-P inquires if we realize what day it is today (or more like, what day it is in a couple of days) and says that's right, it's Nana's birthday! Cue in the birthday song and we are all singing a happy birthday to Nana! Just like last year during LIVE GRACE, a cake is brought on stage (I think the trolley is even the same xD). It's a really pretty cake once again and the lights dim for when Nana blows the candles. Then almost as fast as the cake is taken off stage again, Nana is gone as well to do her first outfit change.

Nana Song Best 10
Time for the song ranking again based on the questionnaire a couple of months ago! Mishi-P once again reviews what the Nana Best 10 were at Nana Summer Festa 2007:

10. You have a dream
09. Suddenly ~Meguriaete~
08. New Sensation
06. Tears' Night
05. Heart-shaped chant
04. Crystal Letter
01. Innocent Starter

Tonight as well, Mishi-P mentions how in every ranking ever ETERNAL BLAZE and POWER GATE have been at the top. He also reminds us to remember to act like we have never seen the current ranking before for the sake of the BD/DVD release. Without further ado, it is time to reveal the #10 of the current ranking, which is.... 


Nana pops back on stage from the opening in the floor wearing... LIVE GAMES 2010 Precure outfit! I am really happy to know for sure now that we'll be seeing different outfits tonight. I feel very relieved not to be seeing the canary outfit from LIVE ACADEMY tonight *knocks on wood*, because I really can't stop thinking about those shorts underneath.. orz Mishi-P and Nana talk about the outfit and LIVE GAMES, how Nana was joined on stage by those two people actually dressed as the characters from Precure and she poses for us again like she did then. Never thought I would see this re-enacted in front of my eyes. xD

When you notice the photographer in this pic you will shit bricks.

Time to actually sing POWER GATE! Nana comes to sing it at my end of the colosseum tonight. Man, I really am so close to one of the corners of the stage on this side. So embarrassing haha, I am glad Nana didn't ask for the girls woo-o-o when she was in my corner. (>_<;)

I wouldn't have minded more songs in this outfit, but right after POWER GATE Nana was of course gone again. Mishi-P is back and kicks of the listing of Nana songs that didn't make it into the top 10, starting from #77... which all we already know from last night.

Nana song Best #77-61
(#77 Yakusoku, #76 Take a shot, #75 TRANSMIGRATION, #74 NAKED FEELS, #73 Risouron, #72 Mafuyu no Kanransha, #71 Bring it on!, #70 UNBREAKABLE, #69 Juliet, #68 Aoki Hikari no Hate -ULTIMATE MODE-, #67 Silent Bible, #66 Nostalgia, #65 Darling Plastic, #64 Nocturne -revision-, #63 STAND, #62 Justice to believe, #61 Mysterion)

Of course, tonight too Mishi-P brings up Mafuyu no Kanransha from the first set of songs. He mentions how the video shown is something no one has seen before because it was from an unreleased live in Harajuku back in 2001. Apparently it was recorded by someone from Sigma Seven, who went.... rogue? xD Ha! Someone from the audience shouts that the footage should be released, but Mishi-P just laughs it off and says he'd be in deep shit if he did that.

Then it is time to switch the focus on the Cherry Boys. They have had plenty of songs during the Nana concerts over the years and there was also a questionnaire about our top favorite CheriBo songs. Thus... it is time to start the Cherry Boy Song Best 6! First up...

CheriBo #6 Oretachi no Journey (LIVE JOURNEY 2011)

Suddenly Itaruvich appears from somewhere, till now he wasn't around and he wasn't here yesterday either. xD He takes care of the lead singing duties for this song tonight, and just like yesterday, Ryutan goes around asking all the members what they want to do this year. Don't remember most of the answers from tonight, except that Shu-chan wants to do something about his metabolism, Cho-san still hasn't climbed Sky Tree so that's still what he wants to do.. and Ryutan has switched from Fuji to Mt. Takao lol. Maybe that will be easier to actually achieve.. xD

After the Cherry Boys are done with their song, Mishi-P reappears and it is time to reveal the next two songs in the Nana ranking...

#9 Tears' Night and #8 BRIGHT STREAM

Nana gets lifted up in the cover LIVE MUSEUM 2007 outfit.

Doll mitai deshoouuu~

Oh my... it looks so awkward to move in. Nana looks like a little doll wearing this actually. So fun seeing the Nana now wearing this as compared to the Nana back in 2007. Nana and Mishi-P talk about it for a bit and mention how this outfit is even featured in the cover of the DVD for LIVE MUSEUM. Then onward to the two songs!

Since I was on the wrong side to see Tears' Night properly, I was mostly watching it on the big screens, which gave me a good opportunity to follow Nana's expressions while she was making her way to the south side of the colosseum. At one point her expression actually changed for one second so drastically that it made me feel like she was close to tripping, but luckily didn't. Phew, please be careful when wearing this thing Nana. orz Sadly tonight during the interlude when she was surrounded by Cherry Boys, she wasn't able to swing back and forth with them properly... which actually made me miss the canary outfit from yesterday - who'd have thought!

For BRIGHT STREAM, Nana returns to the center stage and I am able to see her in that outfit more properly. It doesn't give much of a BRIGHT STREAM feel, but that doesn't matter too much to me. xD I thoroughly enjoyed hearing BRIGHT STREAM again live, I really can't get enough of it.

Once again, Nana disappears right after the end of the song. I was kinda worried about her not fitting down the little hole with this dress but she made it without any problems.

Mishi-P hops back on stage and without further ado we continue the Nana song rankings.

Nana song Best #60-51
(#60 Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-, #59 Takaramono, #58 Gimmick Game, #57 Hikari, #56 Metro Baroque, #55 Jikuu Sapphire, #54 Mugen, #53 Don't be long, #52 Ano Hi Yume Mita Negai, #51 Wild Eyes) 

He asks us if our favorite songs have popped up yet tonight and continues with how his favorite Nana song is Karen Moyou... followed by everyone chanting that he should sing it..... followed by a bunch of protests from Mishi-P, such as he doesn't remember the lyrics.... followed by a staff member running on stage to hand him a piece of paper with the lyrics... followed by him HAVING to sing for us now. xD So, we get to hear a very embarrassed Mishi-P singing the first verse of Karen Moyou for us. And of course afterwards he mumbles about how this part will be definitely cut from the BD/DVD.. Then it is time for the Cherry Boys to shine again with their #5 song...

CheriBo #5 Koi no Rock'n'Roll Story (LIVE UNION 2012)

Nothing different here from last night. More of Team Yoda join the Cherry Boys for this song than the first one and we get to enjoy the rock'n'roll vibes of this fun song from LIVE UNION.

Afterward, Mishi-P is back and next up are three Nana songs, which are...

#7 Innocent Starter, #6 Ai no Hoshi and #5 Pray

Nana appears on stage with a LIVE FORMULA 2007-2008 outfit this time.

Sparkle sparkle~

I feel like tonight's theme is outfits in which it is really awkward to walk in, you have all my empathy Nana. Ganbatte!! Again, some talk about the outfit. Nana comments on how embarrassing it is that her back is basically completely bare in this and Mishi-P points out to her how tonight there will always be one segment of audience staring at her back at all times. And yep, mostly it will be us in the north, aka back side of the colosseum. I am really sorry Nana, I hope my stare won't be making you feel uncomfortable..

First up, Innocent Starter! I do feel this outfit is better suited for this kind of heart-felt song than the outfit we got yesterday, though that one fit better with the power of Pray. Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself. During Innocent Starter, and Ai no Hoshi too, I started thinking about my life again (yes, it's that time of the evening once again). I realized I am really scared about the thought of leaving Japan. But no matter how scared I might be about the future I do also feel... きっとうまくいくよ.

Next up, Pray! Nana went around in that little platform making a full round around all the sides of the colosseum. I was worried that the dress might cause her problems with getting on and off the platform, but luckily not. :3 Somehow, even though I have always loved Pray very much, these two nights have given me something new concerning it. I really love it when this happens with songs during Nana lives. I am pumped up to start singing this in karaoke, I actually never felt like it before.

After the song, Nana is off again. I was again worried if she will fit the little hole with that big piece on the back of her dress but she made it! Mishi-P then continues the Nana ranking once again...

Nana song Best #50-41 
(#50 Orugooru to Piano to -holy style-, #49 Miracle☆Flight, #48 Hoshizora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita, #47 Karen Moyou, #46 Shounen, #45 Replay Machine -custom-, #44 ROMANCERS' NEO, #43 SCARLET KNIGHT, #42 Trickster, #41 Soradokei)

Time for Mishi-P to harass the Cherry Boys again. He first goes to Itaruvich and asks him what the most difficult Nana song is to play on the guitar. Sadly, I don't remember the answer. orz But in any case, Itaruvich gives us a sample at Mishi-P's bidding and after, when Mishi-P is all impressed about it Itaruvich confesses that he made a lot of it up on the spot because he couldn't remember how it actually went haha. xD I think after Mishi-P went to bother Tom-kun again and tonight he said Koi no Yokushiryoku, not sure though. And then... someone... I think Shu-chan (?), evilly brings up Etsuraku Camellia again... triggering the shouts to have Mishi-P sing again. The Cherry Boys start pressuring him by playing the melody and eventually once again we get that member of staff running on stage with the lyrics.... Poor Mishi-P. He ended up singing again. But he seemed to be more in panic now than with Karen Moyou, which makes sense - of course he'd be more comfortable with his favorite song. Then next up, is the Cherry Boy ranking again...

CheriBo #4 Dear My Princess (LIVE ACADEMY 2010)

Again, business like usual like last night. Though, since I now remembered how much I liked this song I was more prepared to enjoy it tonight haha.

Afterward, Mishi-P comes around to announce the next Nana song, yes, here on out it will be just one song at a time since we've reached the top 4. Now on the menu is...

#4 Kakumei Dualism

And again, instead of Nana, a little [Nanette plushie] is lifted to the stage. Mishi-P  is all "Areee?" and goes to the Nanette and lifts it up and we hear Nana saying "Itaitaita ... ", which was too funny.

Nana then pops up again on the big screens in front of the toilets wearing the LIVE CIRCUS 2013 fairy soldier outfit.

We meet again~

Nana and Mishi-P talk again for a bit, Nana complaining how she is freezing out in the open hallway. Mishi-P reminds us that we all are TMR tonight and Nana needs us to sing with her. Then without further ado, it is time to kick off Kakumei Dualism. This time Nana makes it back inside the colosseum on time to start the song. She's on my side tonight, one block higher from where I was sitting... and yeah, normally it should have been no problem for me to see the person there clearly from this angle.... but nope not Nana. She is so short she disappeared completely in the midst of the fans. Oh well, haha. I put my full energy into singing with her, which never ceases to be so much fun.

Right after the song, Nana disappears into the hallway as fast as she came and we get Mishi-P giving us the next Nana songs in the ranking.

Nana song Best #40-31 
(#40 Kiseki no Melodia, #39 You have a dream, #38 Hoshikuzu Symphony, #37 NEXT ARCADIA, #36 Synchrogazer, #35 Heart-shaped chant, #34 FEARLESS HERO, #33 BRAVE PHOENIX, #32 Thermidor -Vingt-Sept-, #31 Preserved Roses)

Don't really remember much about what Mishi-P talked there, I think there was at least some talk about it being Cho-san's birthday. I think also this time instead of getting some singing from Mishi-P, we get a mawatte. A weird spin in the air to be precise. During the mou ikkai though he totally couldn't do it again and failed quite miserably. xD Then onward to Cherry Boys..

CheriBo #3 Ongaku Sentai Cheribo Seven no Theme (LIVE DIAMOND 2009)

Since Itaruvich was around today, instead of Cho-san, he gets to wear that amazing scarf. Though Cho-san still does join him and the Team Yoda girls in dancing for this song. It was so much fun to look at again, but I am not sure if Itaruvich was having as much fun as Cho-san with this. xD

Time for the next Nana song again then, which is....

#3 Crystal Letter

Nana appears wearing the same LIVE MUSEUM 2005 butterfly outfit. That makes it two LIVE MUSEUM outfits tonight. I think I would have been slightly more happier if all outfits were at least from different lives to keep up the variety. :3

Butterfly Nana is back!

While there is still talk about the butterfly wings today, to my disappointment Nana doesn't try to smack Mishi-P in the face with them tonight. Instead she just wiggles them around.

Crystal Letter begins~ Just like last night, my brain instantly focuses on the "futsuu no koi ga ureshi katta..." line when it comes up. How strange. This weekend has resulted in me getting the same karaoke urge for this song as for Pray too. We get the silvery paper snow again, but looks like they learned something from last night and  tonight it wasn't going all over the place and most importantly was not in danger of landing in Nana's mouth. Phew, this makes me incredibly happy.

And then Nana's gone again and the ranking continues.

Nana song Best #30-21 
(#30 Last Scene, #29 Avalon no Oukan, #28 Junketsu Paradox, #27 SUPER GENERATION, #26 Koi no Yokushiryoku -type EXCITER-, #25 PHANTOM MINDS, #24 Trinity Cross, #23 Aoi Iro,#22 Zankou no Gaia, #21 Etsuraku Camellia)

Don't remember if there was anything of note in this MC, I mean, we've already quite exhausted Mishi-P with our demands. So next up more Cherry Boys!

CheriBo #2 Ai no Cheribo Knight (LIVE CASTLE 2011)

I can't help but laugh in my mind reminiscing about the Cherry Boys dance video for this. I am sure it is something they will never forget either. xD Definitely one of my top favorite Cherry Boy songs this one.

Then Nana #2! The end is getting nearer and nearer..


Nana comes out wearing the gangster dress from LIVE DIAMOND 2009! Thank you Nana, I love this outfit so much and especially the fighting you did in it in LIVE DIAMOND! I was ready to be kinda disappointed because I really love the ringmaster outfit from LIVE CASTLE we got yesterday, but I am really satisfied with it being this dress popping up today.

Thank yoooou, for this outfit Nana!

Nana and Mishi-P talk about the sexiness of this outfit and reminiscence on the fun fighting scene from LIVE DIAMOND and Nana descending from the "helicopter". Definitely one of my top favorite moments from Nana lives. Nana also says she is quite freezing in this outfit, since it was so made for summer usage and thus shows a lot of bare skin... which I can imagine is not so nice tonight. Even I was cold and I was wearing jeans and long-sleeve under my Nana Fes shirt. Hang in there Nana!! orz Mishi-P jokes that for once the EtaBure stage flames are welcome, since usually it just makes the place way too hot... but tonight it is definitely needed. I think at this point we got a mawatte from her too.

Then it is time to start ETERNAL BLAZE! The flames start popping up from the stage and penlights have been changed to orange. Time to go out full-throttle! I have come to realize that it really offends me when I feel that there aren't as many orange penlights as there should be for this song haha. What kind of Nana elitist I have become... orz I guess I just feel that this song if nothing else, just does deserve full devotion. Such an atsui experience once again, and I really would have liked it to last a bit longer and Nana to stay around in that outfit longer but nope...

Nana is off again. Mishi-P comes to do the last bit of Nana ranking left.

Nana song Best #20-11 
(#20 POP MASTER, #19 Hime Murasaki, #18 undercover, #17 Tenkuu no Canaria, #16 New Sensation, #15 DISCOTHEQUE, #14 Suddenly ~Meguriaete~, #13 Vitalization, #12 Astrogation, #11 Orchestral Fantasia)

Once again my heart clenches at the absence of Lovely Fruit from this whole ranking... (T^T) Maybe just to make myself feel better I'll do my own 77 Best Nana songs list haha. It is time to unveil the top Cherry Boy song which is....

CheriBo #1 Ongaku Sentai Cheribo Seven G no Theme (LIVE CIRCUS 2013)

Again the thought of a chained Nana having something to do with this recent song being number one pops into my mind. At the end of the song the Cherry Boys gather at the center of the stage for the epic finale again and this time... Toshiro Yabuki (don't remember his nickname xD) runs on stage out of nowhere wearing some crazy tourist clothes to join them. After, Mishi-P runs back on stage to comment on Yabuki's sudden appearance and he pretends to be some gaijin tourist I suppose spouting some really funny English I can't remember now. It was really hilarious though. Then he is gone again.

And finally it is time to reveal the #1 Nana song. Everyone is ooh'ing like it is a very big surprise (like it was a surprise even yesterday lol), and we find out that it is...

#1 Shin'Ai

Nana re-enters the stage with the same beautiful LIVE GRACE 2011 outfit as yesterday.

This I was very happy to see again~~

Since Mishi-P was really embarrassed last night when he mistakenly asked if the dress was made from kimono fabrics (it is actually made of obi, the "belt" used with kimono/yukata) and needed to have Nana correct her, tonight he asks "It is made of different obis, right?" and Nana affirms. Nice try there Mishi-P, but most of us in the audience know the truth lol. I feel like in a few ways tonight has been a small battle between Nana and Mishi-P, starting with who gets to say konbanwa.. xD

Before we go on to the song, we get that festive ball thing descend from the ceiling (yesterday they forgot about it and it descended after the song). Nana proceeds to go pull the string dangling from it.... but can't reach. It is way too much for Mishi-P, he is dying there beside her and in the midst of his merriment asks if he should help her... but of course Nana is stubborn and eventually manages to yank the string herself, revealing a paper saying that Shin'Ai is number one.

And now, Shin'Ai~ once again we get a very emotional Nana and you can also feel the emotion oozing from all of us in the audience. The smoke starts covering the stage again and the snow-like things start falling again, making the magic of this moment draw us all in. I am truly grateful to be able to experience this two times this weekend. It really cleanses one's soul. Thank you Nana.

And thus, this corner has come to a close. The Cherry Boys join Nana and Mishi-P on stage and they form a circle holding hands to say their thank yous. Nana then exists the stage from my side of the colosseum, struggling a bit with that massive hem but making it out safely.

Then it is up to Mishi-P to keep us occupied until the next corner begins. First up, we get a review of the top 10, which were:

09. Tears' Night
07. Innocent Starter
06. Ai no Hoshi
05. Pray
04. Kakumei Dualism
03. Crystal Letter
01. Shin'Ai

This is followed by different statistics from last night. He shows us the voting results based on blood type and then age. It was very interesting to see how teenagers had voted both Synchrogazer and Vitalization in the top 10. Mishi-P makes a comment on how fans under 18 years old are all obvious Tsubasa fans, while the fans over 40 are all obviously Yamato fans because of the votes they gave for Ai no Hoshi. After all the statistics talk is over, it is time to bring on the next corner.

This corner starts with messages appearing on the big screens while fun smile-gang like music plays. The messages tell us that the stage will now be hijacked by smile-gang, ending with.... is that okay? haha.

After everyone screams yes at the top of their lungs, Nana and Misato run on to the stage. I can see that Misato has been clever and put on the Nana Fes windbreaker on top of her Nana Fes shirt to avoid from freezing in the colosseum lol. I was instantly happy to see that tonight's "encore"  shirt was the red one, which is the same that I bought myself. I rather represent smile-gang than M no Sekai, even if I greatly enjoy both.

First off they make us scream Shassu a million times... from just boys, from just girls, from people from different prefectures.... and also from just overseas people! I was so happy to represent. Nana asks where we are from after there are some (probably more than she expected) responses. I tried to scream Finland but I am sure I ended up being too shy for it to actually be heard. xD

Also, luckily unlike with M no Sekai yesterday, Nana and Misato did their best to face all sides of the colosseum at times which was much nicer for all us fans.

And btw, you can hear some of tonight's happenings from this episode of [smile-gang]. Not a lot though. Thanks @flying_mug for keeping a lookout for it for me during my busy times.

The unlucky draw for Misato...

On the menu tonight, is to deal with the batsu games that have piled up during the last year. Nana busts out a huge die and explains that it has the kanji for north, south, west, east, Nana and Misato - each representing who will do what batsu game, a certain side of the colosseum or one of them.

The first batsu game was to repeat some lol lines, mainly pick-up lines, and mainly in a ikemen kind of way. Most of them went to the South side, who got to claim that they are the number one ikemen in the world. xD North side, my side, also got one of them and it was actually really fun to pretend to be an ikemen haha. The next one consisted of saying something and also blowing a kiss.... which conveniently landed on Misato by Nana's roll.... and poor Misato ended up doing this to each side of the audience at Nana's bidding... though after the first two she kind of lost wind and only blew kisses instead of still repeating the line too. Poor Misato. xD 

The next corner is a bit weird... they pull out a picture of an Olympic competitor, Crystal (I don't know her), and the point is to pretend to be her as well as possible. For this I was really shitting my pants, because I'd have no clue what to do if the die landed on my side. Luckily, the task ended up with the east side. Nana and Misato kept drilling them for a long time and the east side did their best to reply like Crystal for all of them... until in the end the last question about her pastime was too difficult for them and Misato screams that they were fakes after all!!

Next challenge is to do some mawatte'ing.... and that landed on south side again lol. Nana wants them to mawatte seven times so they get to spin around for quite a while. Once they are done, everyone shouts for a mou ikkai of course... and they end up mawatte'ing again but Nana tells them to do it in the opposite direction this time so people don't get too dizzy.

Then it is time for the last batsu game, which is...squatting! Since it is the last batsu game, everyone is hoping for the die to end up with Nana since she hasn't had to do anything yet... but nope it ends with my side. Misato comments that it almost stopped at Nana's side of the die so she should do it too and she agrees. So we end up trying to sit on air chairs with Nana also doing so at the middle of the stage. Misato proceeds to have a chat about yakiniku with the south side while we are suffering... ungh... I want yakiniku.... Misato keeps saying things how she loves yakiniku and asking if the others do too and how she really wants to go eat some soon and so on and so on... FOREVER!! Nana is making pitiful whimpers on stage and looks like she is about to collapse. Misato notices this and rushes back saying she needs to hold on.... and after staring at Nana's suffering for a while longer she allows her and us to have a break. Nana totally collapses on the stage and complains how bad it feels especially with her heels. I was feeling it pretty bad too since I was determined to do this properly unlike some of the people around me lol. Then it is time to continue... Nana is back to suffering and so are we... and this time Misato comes to our side to ask about how we are feeling and talking about a lot of random shit like how she feels sorry for us and bla bla.... After an eternity she returns to the center stage and ends our challenge. Nana collapses again. I gladly return to my seat too. Phew, otsukare sama deshitaaaa. Smile-gang then ends with Misato proudly showing her doodle. Nobody can guess what it is supposed to be but apparently it is a picture of Nana. xD After that Misato leaves the stage with some last comments (DEEP LOOVEEE FOREVERRRR) before she disappears completely.

After smile-gang, Mishi-P joins Nana on stage again and asks Nana about her thoughts on Nana Fes. She said it feels so bad leaving the stage every time after raising the tension... since then it just went down again when she disappeared. She also laughed at how fun it was listening to us make Mishi-P sing her songs and he gets all flustered.

Then it is time to begin the announcements again....... NEW ALBUM on April 16th!! This is still very surprising to me, but I guess when I think about it, only the wait between IMPACT EXCITER and ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS was long, before that she was dishing out albums pretty fast. Nana then tells us that she as a little treat for us, if we'd care to listen.

Yesssssss, I was waiting for this all night actually! I really really liked it last night, because of Nana's grown up voice and I really liked it now too when hearing it again. Again so masterful manipulation of the mike stand and that awesome rockish attitude of hers and Team Yoda's. Made me totally absorbed in the moment and I got very pumped up. I am sad to say though, that afterward I really don't have much recollection of how the song goes (and by now none whatsoever), even though I love it a lot. orz I hope I get to hear it again soon... and I really can't wait to hear the rest of the album and find out if it follows the same kind of atmosphere as this song. It would mark Nana claiming new land in song styles yet again.

Again after the song, Nana tries to harass one of Team Yoda (different than last night though), but again she runs away. Nana is determined not to give up so easy tonight and runs after another one who tries to escape too but Nana makes her say something I don't remember anymore. lolwut. xD Mishi-P comes back on stage to clarify the name of the song, since there was a lot of confusion last night on what it actually was. Though.. could you also clarify what it means too? haha. Oh well, I love weird song names so bring them on!

At this point I was really scared that this would be all there'd be for announcements... but no, there is still something! Yes, yes, yes give me my tour!! Do it!! I was so shitting my pants..... they start rolling the announcement video and..... this summer...... holy shit LIVE FLIGHT 2014!!!! Aahhhhhhhhh finally!! Announcement is followed by listing all the venues and dates.... and damn it's a long tour Nana! So nice! For the dates and venues go [here]. Now here's to hoping I can attend some at least without it clashing with my thesis schedule... Nantoka yaru sa! I am determined to start plotting my live agenda the moment I get home from Nana Fes.

After all the happy announcements, Mishi-P leaves Nana to do her last lap around the colosseum to wave to all us before leaving too. I was excited about her going to pass me pretty close at one point... but before she reached my corner, something unexpected happened. All the Cherry Boys came from the entrance closest to my seat and came to stand in front of our seats to wave at Nana too. Shit.. this meant more attention to my corner haha, I can feel the embarrassment seeping out. (>_<) Nana reaches our corner, and upon noticing the Cherry Boys spends more time there waving at all of us. And there I am embarrassed and smiling like a baka and waving. Please ignore the obvious gaijin girl at this part on the BD/DVD, if you see her. She's not me. Nope. Not at all. While I am recovering from this encounter, she finishes her round and bids us farewell and tells us how she looks forward to seeing us during the tour! We shout the usual kakatte koiiii and Nana is gone.

Thus, the 2nd night of NANA WINTER FESTA 2014 has reached its end as well. Once again, I am really sorry for how ridiculously late I am with this report. Hope it was somehow worth the wait. "orz


  1. yaa~~~ thank you for both days report!!

    ehhh.....why they run away ^^;;; too shy to talk? XD

    1. Sorry for the horribly long wait! m(_ _)m

      I feel like it was some inside joke related to the new song and it's adult feel. So yes, perhaps because of that too shy to talk. xD

    2. ah...hahaha....dont mind ^^;

      eh...O.O adult feeling?.....ja....then lets see how erotic is the dance is that even Team Yoda's juniors have to run away from Nana ^^;; or they just shy (like the time where Nana enter the school then all the student walk away from her because theres a camera man XD)