Saturday, 10 November 2012


So luckily I had the chance to go to the Ehime Festival at Yurakucho today, since my 2nd class was cancelled. I didn't get there quite as early as I would've liked, since I still had my 1st class but I did still get there in good time and managed to position myself some 10m from the stage. This made me really happy since it was essentially going to be the closest I have been to Nana so far. (^-^) Not that my view was the very best, since I am so small (well not compared to Japanese girls, but to the guys..).. orz

Anyways! The first action we saw when the clock was nearing 13:00, was Mican and Bari-san appearing from somewhere on the far right and making their way slowly to the stage. I think people were contemplating the possibility that one of the mascots would actually be Nana-san, haha. This happened before they forbid cameras so here's a picture. (^-^)/

Somehow this pic makes it seem like I'm way taller than everyone else.. o_o

Then..... 奈々キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!
Holy hell was I very dokidoki somehow. xD Since Nana-sama really is tiny, it took me a while to find a position where I could actually see her. She was wearing a really lovely and cute yet mature outfit and I really liked her hat. You could also feel her radiating so much from being there to promote he dear Ehime-ken. Oh and at this point I'd like to mention that I don't remember and didn't quite understand everything that was said, so I'll write about the stuff that I did catch. And btw, LOVELY FRUIT was playing in the background for the whole duration of the event. Yay! Quite fitting with all the mikan stuff around in the festival... :3

So, a little while after arriving on stage Nana decided to do a little experiment on how many people present were her fans. She shouted "If you love Ehime say shassu!" and of course pretty much everyone in the audience replied to this Ehime-fied shassu-call. Nana was really happy about the reply and decided to do another test, an Ehime-fied version of her "Kore kara mo, Mizuki Nana ni...." (which I don't remember now) and everyone of course replied with a passionate "KAKATTE KOI". Nana came up with another one of those and then ended with the traditional "Kore kara mo, Mizuki Nana ni....". I really liked this. :3


Later on, after some talking with the Ehime governor (?), Nana proceeded to talk about the ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS album jacket and told that it was actually shot in Ehime. That all of the pictures in it were shot there and we should look them through with great care (like you need to tell us to do that Nana-san.. ^^). Then of course she reminded us of the release date of the album as well. I am really looking forward to seeing these pictures from Nana-san's treasured home prefecture!


Then apparently there had been a raffle going on at the festival, since Nana started calling out the winning numbers. I'm pretty sad I missed this thing completely, I was in too much of a rush to secure a decently close spot to the stage.. orz There were 7 winners, who all got to go on stage and get Nana's autograph on the spot! Ii naaa~! I can only imagine how lucky these people felt. Hopefully, one day I'll get to experience something as grand. (^-^) I'm not sure if it was just me, but I think Nana was all blushing while writing her autographs, aawww. xD

Watashi mo hoshii~ T.T

Then just a bit before she left, Nana addressed the audience and expressed her concerns on how we were all here and asked "What about work and your studies?! Daijoubu ka?" awww. I found it so adorable and somehow touching that she was worried that we might have skipped these things just to be here today. Well, many people probably had. xD At least I could shout "Owatta!" with a clear conscience, haha.

Interestingly enough, once Nana walked off the stage, the woman hosting the event told us all to wait a little longer. Some people left though and I ended up in another spot too, actually more direct to the stage but with even more tall people in front.. orz and suddenly Nana did pop back on stage. I think mainly just to have a picture session for the reporters since nothing much else happened apart from her smiling radiantly while waving to us all before leaving again~ (*-*) Here are some pictures, even though most of you have probably seen them already.

After the event was over, I decided to get some juice from the festival stands, so that I could try a piece of Ehime-ken and its amazing mikans myself! There were three types of this one juice brand, so I got one of each in order to try a few different flavors and to share with my friends. (^-^) Haven't had a chance to drink them yet though, since today was such a hectic day... orz but soon!!


I also went to buy the new issue of Seiyuu Animedia from Akihabara before heading home and was pretty ecstatic about receiving not only a (double-sided) Nana poster in the magazine, but also a poster version of the cover as a tokuten from Gamers! Finally I have more than one Nana poster here! \o/ Will put them up tomorrow probably.

Then as the final note before I end this entry, I will leave you with a picture of the back cover of the magazine with a kakkoisugiru Nana in her ad for ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS.



  1. DAI SHOCK!! You have seen Nana-san up close. You can have all of my envy (not jealousy because you deserve the opportunity^_-)

    But stage is quite small. Is it a free entry for everyone? It looks it only has space for limited number of people.

    I am so looking forward for album jacket and tokuten of NB. I do think the photoshoot of tokuten will have Nana-san wearing the college'ish uniform.

    How did people get the chance to receive a signature? DId they sign up or something? I think there will be more events to come, then you will also have a chance to get MUCH closer to Nana-san, Okamiちゃん!

    The bottles look delicious. Are they any expensive? Which brought to me think of Ehime-ken. I couldnt stop thinking of it. The sketch of 1:50 where Ehime-ken squeezes itself for juice wwww

    Now about the poster I am super jelly now ><
    You must have used your incredible charming smile to receive the poster. And using also the PARTY PARTY 'Ah~' >m< Ehum ... aside from that I am very happy to read the december Animedia has double sided posters. And I just preordered it *3*b ... ureshhi~

    And ofc itsumo kawaii Nana-san <3 And that sweet lady dress ... only the orange high heels was abit out of ... context? www I am not sure what to say. But they draw got my attention >0<

    Thanks for update, Okamiちゃん! Now I understand you want to post this asap. I get your drift!

    1. Thank you Ken-kun, I am glad you think so! (; _ ; ) Every time I see Nana always means so much to me!

      It was free entry, though what they did was that they fenced a small area for audience at the front of the stage (somehow I ended up getting in here), then left some free space for people to walk past and then had more people fenced farther back. So all in all there were quite many people, but at the same time I was a bit surprised there wasn't any more than there was.

      Same! I am sooo looking forward to the ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS tokuten! College-ish uniform yes please! If you want another tokuten than the one HMV offers, let me know and I can probably get it for you! ^^ Should've thought of this for the magazine too I suppose, so you could've gotten that poster as well.. orz

      Hmm, I am not quite sure since I missed it, but I think one of the Ehime stands was probably selling/handing out those raffle tickets prior to the Nana event. Hopefully next time I will pay more attention to every little thing going on! >.< and I do hope I will get many more chances and hopefully you will too once you come here again!

      The juices were quite cheap, just 140 yen a bottle. I finally had the chance to drink them with my friends yesterday! They were supper delicious. >.< It was funny cuz we all picked a juice by random, then passed them around so we could try them all... and all three of us liked the one we had first the best. Destiny! \o/ Now my friends wanna go to Ehime one day haha. And oooh haha that video! Hajime mita! So that's where the juice came from wwww xD no wonder it has a unique taste..

      I-i-incredible?! Ch-ch-charming smile?!
      Sou omou ka? (///ω///)
      I mean.. um.. ehum... yes. That is exactly my usual in-store behavior. Even when I go to just buy bread. Never know what it might get you! Ah~! The double-sided poster is very nice indeed! I especially like one side of it, very lovely! The other is a bit... how should I say.. from a strange perspective? o_o It makes Nana's legs look quite tiny ww hope it arrives for you soon!

      Yeah, those shoes really do grab your attention.. xD In a way that contrast is nice though. My friend from school recently wrote in his blog about how it's nice to wear fun socks even when dressed nicely/formally since it brings a nice quirk and shows a part of your personality. So maybe Nana was doing something similar with the shoes? ww

      Yaaaaaay! Ken-kun got my drift yet agaaain! /o/ Ureshii~~!

  2. That promo poster looks really cool! (*A*)

    Just curious, is she speaking in Ehime accent the whole time? Ahh, it must be nice to see Nana so close ^^

    1. Yeah!! I feel like stealing one if I see them around in Akiba. >.< !!

      I don't think she was, but always possible that I was too into staring her to notice. But I don't think so. xD Yes for sure, though I hope that I will eventually be able to see her even closer! \o/ I am very surprised I got so close this time considering how this was a free event. :3