Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Japan, here I come!

Well, today I move to Japan.
I'm nervous and excited and everything else possible, really.
And I am sad about leaving the things behind that I have to and sometimes wonder why I need to care so much about everything.
But! In any case, today is the day! Look forward to reading about my adventures in Japan once I have settled down in my little apartment.

And now, without further ado....


  1. My the Lord David Tennant, the holy 10th Doctor give you strength!
    I know how hard a international move can be.

    1. Thank you, good sir! ^^
      And yeah, I've moved countries a few times before but Japan will prob be the most difficult to get used to on account of it being so different. I think my brain is currently on overload as I'm picking up more Japanese every day and whatnot.. xD

  2. Hope you arrived safely in Japan. I think I will surely check your blog more reguraly. I understand your feelings, I mean you are actually living the dream for the most of us foreigners.

    Enjoy the best moments and survive the bad times! Every time you say Tadaima I will say Okaeri. If you say Itekimassu, I will say Ittarashai! :3

    1. Sankyooou! ^^ Look forward to my LIVE UNION @ Chiba report some time soon (I hope)!

      Yessir! Ganbatteimasu~! And thank you very much, your kind words mean a lot to me. m( _ _ )m