Thursday, 23 August 2012

Preparations for Japan

After a couple of months of nearly constant stressing, it is rather unbelievable that I currently find myself in a situation where I have a lot more sorted out by now than I ever thought I could possibly have. So here's a little update on where I'm currently standing.

  • Admission procedures for KMD. Ah, lots of forms to fill! And some nuts to crack. Luckily my dad knows some great people in Japan who helped me out here, as I needed someone from Japan to list as my guarantor. For this I got the pleasure of re-experiencing my little cheque adventure from last fall, spiced with new difficulties. I was also very much shitting my pants when I was tracking the package to Japan, since the cheque bearing my first tuition fee was in it. >.< Thank god it arrived at KMD with no complications.
  • Visa for Japan, I have it! This is probably what caused me the most headache in the past couple of months. Well, my Certificate of Eligibility to be exact. It was supposed to be a month long process to get it, but I guess it took a lot longer because the procedures at Japan changed in July. Though, I have heard the process could stretch to ridiculous lengths before as well. I got my Certificate in the mail the other week and then it was just a matter of going to the Embassy of Japan in Helsinki (conveniently situated on "UNION Street") to get my visa. The process there was actually so fast that I didn't even have time to explore the whole library they had there. (T-T ) Not to mention that I look like an egg head in my visa picture, but I guess that will do wonders in amusing the people at border control at Japan's end.
  • Flight. I could finally sort this out too after I had acquired my Certificate of Eligibility. About time too. Things are becoming more concrete by the second! 
  • Apartment. Yep, I even have that sorted out. There is a nice little apartment waiting for me at Hiyoshi, quite close to my campus too actually. How lucky is that? I never imagined I'd even get this sorted out before I was actually in Japan physically. But there it is, waiting for me. It's even furnished and comes with a washing machine, TV, air conditioner and internet connection too, woop. And the numbers in my apartment number might equal seven. I wonder how that happened. *whistles innocently* I shall be going to sign the contract on the day I arrive. I am very excited! Welcome visitors! \o/

And thus, I pretty much have everything possible to do before hand done. Not bad, not bad at all.  I am a bit scared though... everything is going too well. xD Well as things stand now, the only things I pretty much have left to do before I go are packing and signing up for Japanese classes offered by my university. Then once I am in Japan I need to find the Hiyoshi city hall, or whatever it is called, to go register my address on my Resident Card, open a bank account, get a phone, get some stuff for my apartment and find my nearest grocery store. After that I think I should have the most important things covered. 

That's all folks! I shall now leave you with a picture of the little pile of books I am planning to take with me. The photo is quite blurry as I took it just now in the middle of the night, I do apologize. More books might join later, but we'll see.

The pile!

Oh and on a side note - I might have entered an AMV competition again yesterday. Who would've thought! I certainly didn't. I just couldn't resist being actually invited to participate and also the fact that it was Tracon 7 (SEVEN!!) this year. The AMVs I chose were two earlier works of mine (but telling which ones exactly would be too easy, tehee~) and one so new that it hasn't been uploaded anywhere yet. Hah!


  1. Not long now!
    Happy that you're living your dream! ;)

    1. Indeed, I am shitting my pants here. xD
      And hah not living the dream yet, but working hard to get there! My dream doesn't involve all this silly paperwork and whatever else! :p

  2. Was it there a saying 'Good preparation gives smooth sailing'? Yeah it should probably be in that train of thought. I am very happy for you that everything is going well.

    When is the departing date if I may know?

    1. Thank you! ^^ I am just worried since I feel that my life seems to work on the equivalent exchange of good and bad (kinda like alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist). xD So what horrible things are coming my way now that everything has been going so smoothly...? ww

      Yes, you may. It is on September 5th. :)