Monday, 20 August 2012

Doctor? Doctor who?

Everyone! \o/
So during the last few months I have watched pretty much all of Doctor Who from since they relaunched the series in 2005. Well, apart from the episodes with the 11th Doctor, from those I have only seen the latter half of the first series he starred in. I find this all quite funny, considering how I was very much against the series when I lived in the UK. I guess that was because there was so much Doctor Who stuff around and I really don't like hypes that much. Always a treader of my own path, sometimes for no good reason it seems. Dx 

Anyways, I very much got myself hooked this summer. It's really been fun for a science geek like me, hell, I had even forgotten how much I enjoy science until I started watching Doctor Who! Apart from the science, I have to say I have really loved the cast of characters through the series. Admittedly, some I was not too fond of at first, but everyone grew on me as the series progressed. My favorite of course being David Tennant's Doctor, I love that man (like every woman in the series basically xD). <3 I do also have to say that Catherine Tate's character Donna Noble is such brilliance too, such a hilarious lady. It's really been great to see how everyone's characters have developed throughout the series, how the happenings they encountered changed their perception of things. And due to liking that development so much some events really made me sad. I won't say more than that though, don't want to spoil anything.

One of my most favorite aspects of the series was how things were intertwined. It was great encountering past things again and having them serve a significant purpose later and so forth and having earlier companions joining in on the action with later ones. Really great continuity through the beginning of Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor to the end of David Tennant's 10th Doctor. There was even one scene in the last episode that really made series 1 through 4 come full circle.

Now I am a bit undecided however. I really don't know what to do with series 5 through 7. Like I mentioned in the beginning of my entry, I have seen the latter half of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor's first series, and honestly I am a little dismayed at how removed it is from the all the series before it. I mean, everything before was so connected with each other and now suddenly it isn't. It's like a very clear end of an era had come to pass. Even the 10th Doctor is behaving like everything is ending when his time is up, like all the great times cease to be. The only connections to the past as far as I know from the episodes I've watched are Alex Kingston's River Song returning to beef out the history between her and the Doctor, and of course, familiar villains like the Dalek. It seems to me that the focus of the 11th Doctor's series' is very strongly upon his new companions (who have been the same for two whole series' now) and River Song's story, which I guess is reasonable since Russell T Davies handed the reins to Steven Moffat. The touch is bound to be slightly different.

Regardless of my worries and apprehension, I will probably end up watching all of the current Doctor as well. Perhaps, my opinion will change once I am more knowledgeable, though I doubt it is possible to surpass the emotional roller coaster David Tennant and his gang put me on. :3

Last but not least, I think one of the reasons I am fascinated by this series, is the fact that I can relate to the Doctor in some ways. Sure, I don't travel through time and space or save interesting races from the farthest corners of the universe, but my lifestyle is a bit similar to his. I'm not really going to delve into this further, you should know what I mean if you know me well enough and have watched Doctor Who yourself.

I think there was still a lot of stuff I wanted to write.. but I can't remember what those were anymore. So I'll end here. Oh, one more thing! I've found it quite fun how there has been a character called Rose (with blonde hair) and a character called Amy (with red hair) in Doctor Who. Makes me think of me and my friend. Yes, I am amused by little things. \o/


  1. I like all the doctors, 6th doctor is my favorite. but wine it comes to all the doctors the 2007 Doctor Who special sums up the idea of the hole show wine 5 and 10 meet and say(5th) "to days to come" (10th)"all my love to long ago". so push on the 11th has his moments.... some times. here's a link to my deviantart check out the doctor who fan art there

    1. And now you just made me remember something I was going to mention in my blog, but forgot! I was gonna say that I'll probably try to watch the older Doctor Who series' at some point too, as I want to know more about his background. ^^ Ooh and right, that's the Time Crash special where they're in the TARDIS together? I haven't had the chance to watch it yet but I have it so I will soon. Really well said that quote.

      Also, I checked out your deviantart! Those are really cool! Really love the Dalek. ^^

  2. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!! I've been watching it for years. Oh how I miss David Tennant!! The newest doctor is growing on me though. "bow ties are cool" lol He has his moments where he's awesome and then it's like good GOD why?! I just hate his current companions. No love for them! Thank God new season starting soon! I've seen all the newest ones from 2005 on and I'm finishing up the ones from the 60s. I'm sad at how many of the old episodes are missing though! I have a website that helps keep all the old episodes in order. I'll have to share it with you later :)

    1. Where did you appear from?! Hellooo! :O I guess I really should watch the new Doctor's seasons, so he could grow on me too. >.< And ah yes.. his companions. I find it so unfair that they just stay and don't change!! Enough of Amy! Enough of Rory! Give me someone new, a fresh breeze! And oh yes please! Do share that amazing website with me!

      When we finally have the chance to meet up, we must have a Doctor Who marathon one night! >:D