Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Okay so, I am trying to write more often like I said I would...  so to follow my METRO BAROQUE entry, here is one about, well, ONE! I was really itching to hear a longer version of this, since the very short preview that was available before was really pretty and the lyrics really moved me.

Needless to say that when I heard the longer version, I really liked it. There's one part of ONE that is really interesting with all those random noises in the background, makes me feel like they depict memories and I actually think that part of their purpose is to awaken memories of the listener too. Like the clink of a swing (well that's what it sounds like to me anyway), does give me quite a nice nostalgic feeling. Also, I think it's pretty great how at first glance all these songs on TIME SPACE EP seem very different and like a pretty mixed bunch, but when you sit down and have a proper listen, they do seem to fit together. There is something that connects them all together, just can't quite put my finger on what it is though. Maybe the piano?  Well in any case, I can't say anything about PARTY! PARTY! yet since I haven't heard it, but I am sure it will fit along with the rest too. This is Nana we're talking about after all!

Also, before I end this post - have you seen the Blood C The Last Dark trailer that has METRO BAROQUE on it? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, here it is just in case:
[Blood C The Last Dark - METRO BAROQUE trailer]


  1. hey, just finished Metro baroque. As always your post was "Nanalicious" as you say. I know am posting this comment on the post for one, also a Nana awesome song. ( oh yah my Nana fate finally happened. the first 3 digits of my phone number is 777, i've had this number for 3 years and haven't even noticed. epic Nana fail!!)

    1. Thanks! ^^ So what did you think of METRO BAROQUE? I really love the jazzy feel of it. Really looking forward to hearing PARTY! PARTY! and the whole version of 時空サファイア! I hope we get a new PV soon too! \o/

      (And awesome! We were all destined to be Nana fans! <3 Funny how you hadn't noticed before though. xD)