Monday, 21 May 2012

28th single and some other things!

So Nana has now announced her 28th single!

It will be released on the 1st of August (why so late?! ; ;) and will include the theme song and insert song for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A's, and also the theme song for Dog Days'. I was really hoping for a double release, one for Nanoha and one for Dog Days (kind of like she did with POP MASTER and SCARLET KNIGHT), but I am happy with one release too. I bet it's gonna be a really amazing single considering what Nana has said about the Nanoha theme song and if the Dog Days' song follows in the footsteps of SCARLET KNIGHT's epicness (I don't even know why I said if, of course it'll be epic). Looking forward to hearing the names of these new songs and then of course hearing the actual songs too! Not to mention seeing the Nanoha theme song's PV. According to Nana it's like a trip into the world of the movie and she started crying while singing the song. I really love and admire how everything means so much to her. <3

There also seems to be a lottery-based concert event to which you can win a ticket by buying the 28th single (do the 27th single have the codes too?). I wonder if I'd have any chance of winning? Would be cool to go, I'll be living in Japan by the time it is held for sure.. but somehow I doubt I'd be that lucky. xD

And I know that many people have blogged these TIME SPACE EP pictures already, but... I just had to as well!

TIME SPACE EP classy Nana-sama~

chou kawaii Nana-chan hypnotizes you to buy her single~

Seriously, how can someone be this cute?!

That dress is working its magic on me, I'd definitely like to see a bigger version of this pic. :3

In other news, I have been in a crazy good mood at work for the past couple of weeks, which has resulted in my selling skills skyrocketing. I've persuaded customers to buy so many things and made so much money for the company, it's insane! The way I feel at work is actually exactly like the Aoi Iro PV. Whenever a customer asks me something I want to turn to them and say "oh yeaaahhhhh~" in similar fashion as Nana does when she goes into the hallway to meet her dancers, and then I am all smiley smiley all the time (I am sure I'll soon start strutting around the store the same way as Nana does in the beginning of the PV). I told my mom how I've been on such a roll lately and she already started suspecting that I must be on drugs.. xD Oh well, whatever it is that is making me behave like this, I hope it continues.... definitely makes work more fun.


  1. Nana san is on a roll. After finishing Live & Castle DVD/BD, she is already going for her singles release one after another. I almost couldnt follow the releases orz.

    HHNNNGGGG heart attack immediately at the pictures. How can anyone dare to say she is over 30? She looks utmost 20.

    @Okami san; Great news to hear that your private life is reaching for your dream (of every foreign Nanatard I guess)頑張って!! if you dont mind I can give you my code that comes with TSE. Perhaps then your chances will be much better.

    PS: Did you change your header of your blog? It looks somehow different from a week ago?

    1. Yeah, I've always been of the opinion that Nana-san just keeps getting younger as the years go by! xD

      Thank you!! I still can't believe I got accepted into a graduate school in Tokyo and that I am actually going! Definitely a dream come true. ^^ I will do my best to share my experiences here on my blog.

      And that would be amazing if you did that for me! I can't even express how much I'd appreciate it. m(_ _)m If I do get to go to the event, I'll make sure to write a very detailed report of it. I am not sure if TSE has the codes, the single after that will for sure (the first press only I think though). I'll have to look at the event information in more detail. Hopefully both of the singles will have it, since that would double my chances!

      Oh? I haven't done anything to my header. :o