Sunday, 11 December 2011

Japan Travel Journal [Day 1]

So during my first day in Japan (Friday 2nd), I got this great idea of making a blog post for each of my days there separately and also to make it even more fun I'd write the day entry at the end of the day itself. Yeaaaah, was never gonna happen. xD I was too busy enjoying myself, which is definitely a good thing! It was a very successful trip. So anyway, here is the first day entry, a week or so late. :P Btw, I must apologize in advance on how late all of these entries will be, I am trying to write these little by little during the short periods of time when I am awake before/after work. >.<

So, I arrived in Japan a few hours later than I was supposed to, due to technical issues with the plane. How fun. So needless to say, I was feeling pretty messed up. I managed to get on the Narita Express without incident though luckily. On the Express they were showing train info and I was shitting my pants because the JR line that I was supposed to take from Tokyo, Yamanote line, seemed to not be running because of an obstacle thing. Well tbh I wasn't sure whether to worry about complications or to laugh about obstacle THING. xD Fortunately, the line started running again before I got as far as Tokyo.

When I got to Tokyo I somehow felt very minimal compared to the rest of the world haha (I'm not though am I? Wait whut x'D). I dragged myself to the right platform while feeling rather tired now, set my suitcase down and proceeded to stare into the distance.. until something forced me to bring my line of sight into focus - BIG NANA ADVERT POSTERS!! ZOMG! All my exhaustion suddenly disappeared haha. At that moment the feeling of being right where I belong hit me. xD 導いて僕を...Endless Light ! Thank you, Nana, for giving me guidance. <3

@ Tokyo Station
I managed to find my hotel very easily and holy hell, for once something related to hotels went smoothly for me. xD Got my room no problem and also got a cable from the reception so that I can use their FREE internet! The room they gave me was quite small, but I really loved it. The little bathroom was really fun I thought, having a not as long but deeper than western bathtub. After resting for a short moment, I decided to go out to hunt for food. 

I ended up going to Akihabara, since that was really close and I could also get some glow sticks while I was there. xD After successfully accomplishing that mission, I thought I'd try the the "fast-food" curry place I saw there during the summer. You order your food there by paying and choosing your food from a vending machine-ish thing and then give your meal ticket to the waitresses. Lol I was having some trouble handling my coins in my messed up state so I guess I gained the pity of some middle-aged men from Utah, who ended up talking to me the whole time I ate. xD They thought it was really great and brave of me to be coming to study in Japan by myself and when they left they wished me lots of luck.

After my meal I decided to test how long the walk to Tokyo Dome was and if it was bearable. Getting there was very easy - just walk down the same road for like 10 minutes. Not bad. The place looked really nice in the dark and seeing the LIVE CASTLE banner on top of the entrance really made the excitement pump through my veins. Funnily enough that was the only thing there that suggested something was going to happen tomorrow. I nearly just wanted to sit there all night and witness the atmosphere around the Dome change. xD

I decided I was too lazy to walk back (thought it'd be best to conserve energy for tomorrow), so I went to the Suidobashi Station in order to catch a train back to my hotel. There are two kinds of lines in Tokyo, the JR lines and the subway lines, so of course I was looking at the wrong route map first. I noticed my error pretty fast and just as I switched to the right map and spotted the amount I needed to pay in order to get to where I wanted, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was a young Japanese man, who offered to help me. He seemed so determined and eager to help me, so I decided to let him. After pointing me to the right platform a huge happy smile lit his face and I couldn't really help feeling happy myself - always such a pleasure bumping into such nice people. ^^
When I got to my hotel I got really sleepy (and got the idea for these blog entries as it was only 8 pm) and I was ready to just pass out, which wouldn't have been a good idea at this point. Luckily, Rod (dad's friend who I met last time) called me just then and we arranged to meet an hour later. It was really nice to see him again. We went to explore the night life of Shibuya haha. We found a really nice and cheap stand up sushi place where I tried some new sushi I hadn't eaten before - it was really delicious. After that we went for coffee (okay so neither of us drank coffee but anyway) at Starbucks. We had to pass through a music store in order to get there and there were some Nana pictures up! Rod kindly pointed out to me that they had Nana's autograph in one since I didn't notice in my exhaustion, yay! 
At Starbucks, I got a really tasty tea latte, though sadly I can't remember the name of the tea I picked for it. I'll recognize it when I go to Starbucks in Japan again though I am sure! During "coffee" we talked about a lot of interesting things, mainly related to the university I will be studying in. It was really exciting talking about all that now that I had been accepted already and would definitely be going. Time flew by really fast and Rod almost missed  his last train home. xD Was a really good evening all in all, though I do regret that I always seem to meet him when I am in the worst jetlaggy state... Really sorry about that!

After I got to the hotel, I passed out instantly and thus my first day was over.

Look forward to my entry on LIVE CASTLE -Queen's Night- next!


  1. I was wondering whether you went there by yourself ^_^ I just assumed you went with your father. Very brave of you to go there by yourself =D やった!

  2. Haha yeah, one of the main purposes of my trip was to see how I manage in Japan on my own and to prepare me for next September when I live there. ^^ The mission was a success I say, I definitely already felt at home in Tokyo by the end of my trip!