Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Dad and Nana

I had a pretty interesting conversation with my dad a few days ago about what makes Nana so awesome. It was quite funny because it was him who started it, not me. I was visiting him in Germany, since he has to stay there for now due to his work and in the evening he put on Radio Rock. Eventually this song came up that was the sort of heavy metal he did not like and he exclaimed that "I don't like this", turned Radio Rock off and put Nana on instead.

He started the playlist with NAKED FEELS, since that's his favorite song and went to explain why. He said the chorus is really amazing since it does not go the way you would expect it to, like Nana busts out a high note when you'd expect a low one and thus you cannot really predict the flow. He compared it to Dream Theater's Perfect Stranger, and said he actually has found many similarities between them and Nana since they're his favorite band. Funny how I was actually the one who introduced him to Dream Theater as well. I dragged him to their concert back in the day and he did not get a shirt from there and has regretted it every since. That's probably why he had adamantly decided that he'd be getting a Nana shirt from the concert when we went, though I have to say I wondered why since I couldn't see him becoming her fan. Guess I might have been wrong there. xD I found him a Dream Theater shirt from an alley close to Shibuya and he's been wearing that and his Nana shirt very rigorously all summer.

We continued to then discuss Nana's unique style of singing - like how in SCARLET KNIGHT she leaves a pause in the middle of a statement and not in between different statements and then I told him how the Kanji in Junketsu Paradox are difficult for even the Japanese themselves to read. He said that all that just really makes her a great artist. He told me that he had some of his Chinese co-workers around in his apartment once while he had Nana playing in the background, but he refused to tell them who it was exactly. He also told me that they had been discussing their office in Tokyo and what everyone thought was the best place in Japan and he'd just mysteriously say "Niigata is the best place" and not tell them why he thought so. That sneaky man. xD

We also talked about careers and what motivate people and dad said he hates the sort of people who just work for money, since you should ultimately be doing something you enjoy even if the money is not as great as it could be in another job. This brought Nana back into the discussion again since it is very clear that she is doing exactly what she loves and wants to do. I showed him the video where Nana announces her concerts in Tokyo Dome and he said that it is really obvious that she loves what she does and appreciates all of it very much.

Really makes me happy I can have a conversation like this with my dad. I am glad he too can see the many talents that Nana has. :)

And now to end today's entry I shall post.... MUSTACHE NANA!

Kyaaaaaaaahhh, I can't get enough of that face. xD Nana you make such an adorable man! Her deep manly "camera man desu" has definitely made it to my favorite quotes of all time.

Yay Nana! Yay dad! <3

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