Friday, 12 August 2011

The Wait for Persona 4: The Animation

First off I would like to say that I wasn't expecting much from the Persona 4 anime and was actually awaiting it with dread to begin with. Why? Because most of the time anime based on games are shit or boring to say the least. So far the only exception to this that I've seen is Tales of Symphonia, which I greatly liked. Oh and just to be clear, I am not counting anime based on visual novels here (like TYPE-MOON or Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom), because they're visual novels, not games, and they are usually quite excellent. Also, if it was going to be anything like Persona Trinity Soul I knew I would be very disappointed. When I watched that series I thought it was alright - slow but alright. Now though that I've been playing Persona 3, I am perfectly aware of how Trinity Soul did not do it justice at all (I Think I was subconsciously aware of this all the time, just ignored it). They even managed to turn Akihiko boring and stuck up! Why did you do that to my Akihiko? (┯_┯) I don't understand why they changed the personae to look so boring too. So since that was the only example of a Persona anime, I was quite worried.... but....

KYAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhh! The trailer for Persona 4 The Animation has me pissing my pants in excitement. The trailer was SO Persona 4. It really made my expectations sky-rocket through the ceiling, like to the point that I'd want to add it to my top 5 anime already without having seen it. I am so glad the character designer and the composer are the same people who worked on the game. I mean the art style in the trailer and the song Sky's the limit (which will also be the OP of the anime) were 100% what you'd expect from Persona 4. Plus they included a few of my favorite parts of the game in the trailer - Yukiko about to go looking for a hot stud, Kanji being gay and Rise ready to show it all off. The song has actually also hooked me as badly as the OP of the game, Pursuing My True Self, did when I played the game. I really don't know what it is about Meguro Shoji's music, but it just really gets you hooked. Like, I couldn't tell you what specifically made me love all of the music in Persona 4, I just did - that's the sort of magic Meguro Shoji has.

Man I really love the English in Sky's the limit (and all other Persona songs). This part I am addicted to the most:

Love it so much, transparency
Tune in tonight, expectation
Instinct tells me to keep going together (going together)
It's breathtaking moments in life
Addicted to a wide screen light more and more
I believe in you and I can do anything, we can change the world
It's best to leave your wake and spread wings, to long this time for
- together we go!

It just fills me with some.... feelings. I don't really know what - something along the lines that with friends I could do anything. Accomplish anything. Which is really one of the most important themes in Persona 4, I mean hell, the characters get to witness each other's weaknesses and worst sides that everyone denies and tries to hide - if that does not build a strong foundation for trust, I don't know what will! On a random side note, Nanako's voice sounds scarily similar in the trailer and the English version of the game. o_o

So anyway, why couldn't they make an anime of Persona 3 like they're now doing with Persona 4 instead of Trinity Soul? The characters in the game are a lot more interesting and likeable than the ones in Trinity Soul and the story is so much more interesting. As you can see, I will keep complaining about Trinity Soul like a grumpy old man... I guess one main thing that was missing from it was the pervy vibe that the games have from time to time. It makes them so hilarious. Example:

"Pleasure is what you truly want."

I think that really makes the games wonderful - serious topic and problems, but still amazingly hilarious stuff in between. Judging from the Persona 4 The Animation trailer they've kept that awesome balance in it. Trinity Soul was serious through and through, but still it didn't really touch me in anyway - I definitely felt so much more sympathy towards Kazushi and his bad knee in the game and considering how that is a minor problem compared to the ones in Trinity Soul, it is a bit sad.

But anyway, I can't remember when was the last time I was really THIS excited about an upcoming anime. I really hope it won't disappoint me now, everything is looking so good so far...! Well the only complaint I have is that they should've put Nana in it. Just saying~~!

I want to watch it already!! o(>▽<o)


  1. I definitely hope this meets expectations.
    Besides Gundam AGE, this is the anime I'm looking forward to most next season.
    Guess that says a lot considering all the great ones coming up!
    I really hope I get to sub this! Need quality subs to watch :D

  2. "just saying!" NO. YOU DONT JUST SAY! >;O
    So, what are you waiting for? EMBRACE ME!

  3. @newtype510: Indeed! I will weep bitterly if it doesn't. It definitely needs quality subs and better quality video than what Blood-C has.. xD Really hope you'll get to sub this!

    @SunaoWolfie:OKAY FINE, I AM DEEPLY INSULTED BY THE FACT THAT NANA IS NOT IN IT. Psst, please add her as a minor character AT LEAST! *begs* m(_ _)m
    Pfff, I defied my instincts aga....... LOL nvm. *embraces*