Saturday, 30 July 2011

Animelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow- Theme Song

The album, the poster and a random rock.
The Animelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow- Theme Song CD (+DVD with music clip and making of) was released a couple of days ago and of course I had preordered myself a copy. As a pleasant surprise a free poster came along with it. Hooray!

I'm quite surprised that ALI PROJECT wasn't in it, considering how they've been involved in the Animelo Summer Live for years. I thought first that they only weren't participating in the recording of the song this year, but they don't seem to be performing either. There seemed to be a lot less people on the theme song CD anyway this year. I wonder why? On the other hand Kalafina is performing in the Animelo Summer Live for the first time this summer! I hope they'll do at least one Kara no Kyoukai song. :)

The song itself this year was good, but I like the ones from 2007-2010 better (can't say about the ones before that, since I am not sure if I've even heard them). Somehow while this is a happy and lovely song, it feels like there's something missing - something that the other songs had. Don't get me wrong though, it is a good song. ヽ(⌒‐⌒)ゝ

The music clip was also very enjoyable (as always) - everyone seemed very tuned in on the happiness of the song and the guys + Nana were definitely making the most out of it all. The other girls seemed to loosen up nearer to the end too. xD Of course, there could always be a little bit more of Nana on these music clips, but I guess everyone else needs their screen time too... heh heh, I kid, they're all fun people. 

Here's a little preview of the Music Clip, I couldn't find the whole thing on YouTube:

Also as a bonus, here is a screenshot of everyone's ending pose, I totally loved them - they're all so crazy. xD

I did of course take more screenshots of Nana, but I won't post them here in order to look like less of a stalker.... no wait, I probably shouldn't even have told you I took them. Shit. ANYWAY. As a distraction, here's Nana's Animelo 2011 greeting:

She says in her greeting that this year's Animelo Live is special because it is the 7th summer live and then she goes on to explain the link to her name (so basically that it's special because her name is 7 too). Shall be interesting to see how she celebrates this in the actual live, I'm sure she'll put on one hell of a performance. Too bad though that I'll need to wait till the DVD/Blu-ray release to see it.

Anyways, best of luck to all the artists in the concert! I am sure it'll be a blast! ヘ(≧▽≦ヘ)

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