Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Daisy×Daisyの10歳平和同盟普及計画! + 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 13

So thanks to my trusty stalking site... I mean.... Twitter, I noticed Nico Nico was streaming some program with Nana's little sister, Mika, in it today. I figured I'd give it a watch since I thought it was a good opportunity to become more familiar with Mika and see what sort of person she is. :) Ha, boy that program was some crazy shit - I had a hilarious time. She had a lot of similar cute mannerisms as Nana, but at the same time she was definitely her own person. She even had this one silly laugh that I do too! Yay, I am one step closer to the Kondou family! O_o *waves flag around* Ehum but yes, she and this guy (I assume he might have been from the Daisy x Daisy band?) had a drawing competition and sang a couple of songs, of which the first one was sadly affected by echo.

My favorite part however was at the very end when Mika was trying to get the guy to wink at the camera and even proceeded to give a demonstration herself. The guy however still refused to wink so they decided to play rock paper scissors. Sadly, just when Mika won their air time ran out it seems, and thus we were left with a still of the rock paper scissors result:

I have beaten you, you silly boy! Now wink for me!

I'm glad I decided to watch this, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully there will be more Mika stuff for me to watch later as well. :) Ganbatte Mika-chan! I hope you won't let being in your sister's shadow get to you - you are a great person yourself too! Though judging by the ring on her finger, it seems like Mika might be engaged? I guess she got you there, poor Nana... :( Let me comfort you~!


Day 13 - A song that is guilty pleasure
Gimmick Game by Mizuki Nana 

Ahhh, this song. Normally I wouldn't really consider any Nana song to be guilty pleasure no matter what the lyrics, but I just had to post this song - I just had to. I mean, Nana's imped a lot of smexyness into [these lyrics] and when my mind is subjected to them I cannot help but think inappropriate thoughts. Smexy inappropriate thoughts. Thoughts that are mainly directed at Nana. And quoting the song, ブレーキはもう Broken. Oh my. Sorry Nana, but 心情に身を任せたらわたしを壊すほどにねぇ Shaking, Shaking emotion~! Onegaishimasu! ;) Mmmmmm. I think I shall now go watch the awesome choreograph of this....

Then afterward I shall beg Nana-nun to forgive me for my sinfulness. 
All evens out.

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