Tuesday, 22 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 02

So yeah, just the song challenge thing today. I'll hopefully write about my thoughts on Nana's new songs UNBREAKABLE and POP MASTER soon. :)

So anyways, does least favorite song mean a song that is your favorite but not as much as some other songs or a song you just purely dislike? What a confusing way to state the matter...

Day 02 - Least favorite song
She Wolf by Shakira

So, I chose this song because I really used to like Shakira. I mean, she clearly had her own style and it fit her so well. This song really crashed down all the reasons why I admired her so - Shakira suddenly became just another main stream singer with this song, or so I felt and I have to say seeing the video now just makes me think so even more. The energy and drive her songs used to have was gone and it was just like anything else you hear on the radio. Not to mention, it disappointed me even more for the fact that I was expecting something grand from a song that had wolf in the title... So yeah, I really don't like this song - it marks the moment that my opinion on Shakira changed and I doubt I can ever like her the way I used to again. :/ Don't get me wrong, I still do love all her songs that I used to love before as well, but I just doubt she will win me over again with any new material she dishes out.


  1. I agree, her first English album, Laundry Service was by far the best material that I've heard from her so far.

  2. Indeed, Laundry Service is definitely the best in my opinion as well, though I do like her earlier Spanish songs and Fijación Oral Vol.1 a lot too.