Tuesday, 14 December 2010

狐と狼 Tribute AMV - Goodbye


Remember [This]? Well this AMV was what I was referring to over there. Why? Well purely for the fact that I have been working on the background images since last summer and that was the day I finally was done with them all and was able to move on to the actual video editing phase.

So yeah, I am a lazy drawer - sue me. Well mainly when it comes to drawing scenery. I wish I wasn't because then I would have properly animated the whole video and would have had the characters moving. Admittedly I wasn't blessed with much time to work on this thanks to the final year of university either, but who knows, maybe one day I shall do an animated version... when I have more time.... so perhaps when I'm retired? :D heh heh heh hee. It's rather pathetic though, the actual editing only took me a couple of days even though it definitely was a lot more work with having to do the animations etc one frame at a time. Wuuut?! I am just a nerd I guess.

Well I've been advertising this everywhere, but I'll say it again here as well - this AMV is dedicated to my best friend and is a tribute to all the crazy shit we've experienced together these past couple of years. She's not at university with us anymore and I just felt that I should do something to show my appreciation for all the good times we've shared. :)

Oh and btw,  if you wanna know the basic explanation of the AMV, then refer to its info box on YouTube. I shall now focus on all the character pairings in-depth.

Canaan x Alphard (CANAAN) - Yeah, this pairing was a complete must. We had such a great time when we first watched this anime together and Canaan just clicked with me and Alphard with her. There are some similarities personality-wise and we do look like them as well, me a bit more now and she a bit less than she did before.. but anyway. We've also spent tons of time trying to do the jump pose they do on the picture that shows up in the photo at the beginning of the AMV!

Misaki x Mina (Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini) - This pairing was mainly because of the hilarity it caused when I tagged us as them on Facebook on the pic from the scene where Mina is educating Misaki on how to get a lover. I mean, that's like something we'd so do. There are some similarities as well I do admit, perhaps more with me and Misaki than with my best friend and Mina, but nonetheless.Misaki is my hero. <3

Asuka x Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - The main driving force behind this pair was their appearance. We looked nearly exactly like them last year. My best friend isn't really anything like Rei, but I have to admit that I have Asuka-like tendencies and fears. Great pair all in all. P.S. Shinji is an emo wimp. It had to be said.

Rise x Naoto (Persona 4 game) - Well I have to say these two are really close to our hearts. We played most of Persona 4 through together during the first spring we were at university. Those characters from the game just clicked, they were so similar in so many ways and looked like us even more than Asuka and Rei do. It was seriously creepy how close to home that game hit. Creepy I say. Creepy. Though I wouldn't go around all "Hey hey hey it's Risetteeeeee!", or maybe I would. For fun. :P

Eri x Akira (School Rumble) - Well this pair represents what we look like right now spot on. Ah, and the way they react to situations and act in general - so much like us yet again. I mean hell, Akira even dons on a penguin suit, and I've been calling my best friend a wobbly penguin for ages...

Haruhi x Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) - Again with the Facebook tagging here. Some of their characteristics fit really well, like how Haruhi goes around planning lots of crazy things and just expects everyone to do as she says (ha so like me) and Nagato really never looks surprised by anything. And actually, yesterday when we took a video of us playing Michael Jackson: The Experience my best friend totally looked as emotionless and bored as Nagato! Unintentionally though, or so she tells me. ;)

Cal x Ein (Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom) - Another great anime we watched together. Not a lot of similarity going on here, I just love Cal to bits. I guess I now kinda do look like Cal and she used to look like Ein. We also did do Phantom poses in the park last spring. :) Though they sucked horribly haha.

Touko x Shiki (Garden of Sinners) - This pair is just like us in COOL EPIC MODE. Enough said.

Rena x Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Kai / Rei) - Not much else to this here except for the results we got on a character quiz on Facebook... and my best friend didn't even get Rika on that, she got Oyashirosama, but at the time we thought it was Rika so.... cut us some slack. Personality-wise not much there, except for my occasional "OMOCHIKAERIIII~!" moments. Oh and can't forget about my cleaver. :)

Nyuu/Lucy x Nana (Elfen Lied) - This is probably the most epic reason of all: length of hair. That's it.

Mashiro x Nue/Ameri (Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity) - Slightly inspired by appearance, other than that it was because of the panty dance! We used to dance that even on our way to town.. or actually MAINLY on the way to town. Ah, good times. Oh and just so you know we weren't actually waving panties around while walking there.... or were we? Dun dun duun.

Now, to the choice of song. Spice Girls' Goodbye just seemed like the perfect song for the occasion. Not only because of it being about bidding a friend goodbye, but also because of the verse lyrics. I will not really discuss the lines here, but I am sure she knows just as well as I do how everything just fits really well. I think I did quite a decent job with this, it even makes me emotional - but that might be the lack of sleep talking a bit. Which is why I shall be off to bed now, goodnight!

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  1. Wow how did I miss this post? I must hit myself repeatedly with a blunt object for my ill-attentiveness. (pulling out the big words :O)

    Then again you already know what I think of the AMV, but that's incredible how much thought went into each anime pairing. Thanks again for sharing :)