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Well I was planning on releasing my -King's Night- entry today in honor of Nana's Birthday, but time has been against me in various ways. I figured it was better that I worked on it a bit longer instead of rushing it for today. I promise to post it in the next few days though. Bear with me. m( _ _ )m

I wanted to post something on Nana's Birthday though, so here it is.

This past year Nana has achieved so much - an orchestral live, her longest tour, Tokyo Dome, a win in Kouhaku and so forth... I am so very happy for her. She truly deserved every good thing that comes her way and even more. She's come an unbelievable way through so many hardships it never ceases to amaze me and my admiration for her just keeps growing. I hope this year brings many great things your way again and your dreams keep coming true, Nana-chan!

Also, I have to say that if it wasn't for Nana, I don't know how I would've made it through the past year. Getting to experience Nana live three times in 2011 (LIVE JOURNEY @ Niigata being my first time) has meant so much to me and enabled me to keep smiling through everything. I've had a pretty hard time and still do, but I don't like to burden people with my problems so it probably doesn't show (I hope). I use Nana as my happy pill. <3 So thank you so much Nana! Thank you for showing me that no dream is impossible and no hardship is unbeatable. Continue to guide me this year too! m( _ _ )m

So anyways, I ended up celebrating today in various ways. I started by watching LIVE FIGHTER -Red Side- in the morning (Elvis kept me company for most of the concert, aww). I've been quite exhausted for a few days now and this morning was no exception - well, until I watched the concert that was. The amount of energy I had afterward was unbelievable. xD Continued the celebration by going to my sister's and heading to eat sushi together with her and dad. I didn't realize I was this sushi-deprived! Now that I think about it though, I don't think I've had any after I came back from Japan. D: When we got back to my sister's place, she helped me work out the notes for the short main violin melody of 理想論 (=Risouron). It didn't take us very long and definitely took way less effort than I imagined. My play by ear skills definitely increased! Yes! I might finally believe that I am not deaf after all. ヽ(;▽;)ノ I still need to hone my 理想論  playing a bit, but maybe later on I can post a little sample of it (yeah, right - like I would xD). 

The ingredients for a great day. ^^

To finish off the day, I watched MJ's LIVE CASTLE Birthday special. I really can't believe we were actually shown on it!! Really so amazing to actually get to be a part of Nana's Birthday like that. I have to say though.... that we look amusing as hell hahahaha! x'D But anyways, watching the whole thing was very touching. I am really grateful I was able to see it. It was great to get to experience so many little bits of LIVE CASTLE again like this and see behind-the-scenes too. Bless Nana and her love for food. <3

And thus ends Nana's Birthday for me.
-King's Night- will follow soon! 
I shall leave you with a wave from Queen Nana~~~!

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