Friday, 21 October 2011

Thoughts on LIVE GRACE -Orchestra-

I've been dying the past two weeks, since I was saving watching LIVE GRACE till I knew the results on my KMD application - that way, it could either serve as a celebration or as something to pick me up after a big disappointed. Glad it wasn't the latter. xD

So yeah! I watched LIVE GRACE yesterday finally! Ah the bliss....

(This is mostly a pic fest because I am too tired to write a lot, plus Nana concerts should be experienced not read about anyway)

I have to say the opening really makes me laugh. Nana seems to be so enchanted by violins somehow - she didn't really pay any attention to the other instruments! It was like Nana is in music store. Nana looks at violins. Nana picks up a book about violins. Nana looks at a picture of a violin in the book and gets transported to a hallway of instruments. Nana goes to admire the rotating violin on top of a pedestal. Nana walks past other instruments. Nana opens door and ends up in a concert hall. Nana turns into a conductor. The End. Kyaahhhh~~ works for a violinist like me. <3

Then the concert itself begins! I love how Nana rubs it in our faces from the first moment that this indeed is LIVE GRACE by appearing from the heavens like a true angel.

Nana Angel <3

I really like the idea of an orchestral concert and it works really well with all of Nana's songs. The conductor guy was quite funny, he was talking about Nana during one of the MCs and man he was hilarious and caught Nana off-guard too I suppose. xD

Epic pose. xD

Anyways, this orchestral concert enchanted me from the beginning (well seriously, every Nana concert does...) and I really jizzed my pants when she performed Thermidor -Vingt-Sept-, I so do love that song!

Nana singing "mmmm" in Thermidor.

Then about the short movie in the middle - I should not have made a joke about it. My apologies. m(_ _)m So here is a serious look on it instead. The idea behind is really great - Nana came to Tokyo on her own, worked hard and despite all the disappointments, made her dreams come true and became successful. So now in the movie she's reminiscing  about that time and this girl comes to Tokyo to do the same thing as Nana before and does not let disappointments discourage her because she has Nana to look up to. Basically really what I aspire to do too - go to Tokyo to make my dreams come true and have Nana to give me strength. The short movie makes me feel like Nana will be watching over me too. ^^

The journey toward greatness begins anew with the new girl. :)

Also on a random side note, I want to get to hold her hand like those fans she encountered on the street. I NEED TO HOLD HER HAND.

One of my favorite parts of the concert came up during Nana's acoustic corner with the Cherry Boys. Nana asked everyone to sit down for the duration of one song and someone yelled "But then I can't see!" to which Nana replied with "It's because I am so small.." AWWWW. So cute. Look at this cute sad face she made, melts my heart:

"It's because I am so small.."

During the encore Nana announced her new live (LIVE JOURNEY) and actually mentioned the one I went to, Niigata, since it would be her first time performing there. I felt really special when she mentioned it. Yes, I am pathetic. xD But yeah, I am really glad I got to be part of Nana's new Niigata experience. Maybe she still wonders to this day "Who was that blonde Niigata girl...". Okay sorry I got carried away there...

ANYWAY. The a cappella version of POWER GATE in the end was really lovely to listen to. Nana sure can sing no matter what the circumstances. I do admire her talent so. It also really warms my heart when she does stuff like that, in which the audience can participate too. Not to mention that the audience DOES participate full blast when given the opportunity. I want to sing something a cappella with Nana too. <3

Also last but not least, I really loved the making of footage for LIVE GRACE. Nana goes totally mental when she gets to hold a violin bow at the music store. She holds it with such grace and looks at it with such loving eyes... that it makes the girl behind her go "lawl". xD


I wonder if the girl is aware of her little glance actually being on the BD/DVD? I mean that is just so funny - well done! xD After that Nana got the opportunity to hold a violin... and you know what she does? SHE SNIFFS IT. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR HER SNIFF IT. So adorable. Totally made my day - thank you Nana. <3


I do see why she would do that, I mean, violins do smell quite nice due to the quality wood that's used to make them and also the rosin used for the bow... but still, so funny and cute. x'D

And that ends my LIVE GRACE report. Hopefully Nana will eventually hold another orchestral concert, which I can attend too hehee.

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