Thursday, 20 January 2011

Top 10 Utada Hikaru songs - Happy Birthday Hikki!

So, since I talked about this with Chris last week and since it is also Hikki's birthday, here is a Hikki list finally. ;) Also I have to say, that I will exceptionally make two lists this week, as on Friday is another special day ^__^ ho ho hoo. I have to say this was a very difficult list to make, as I really love all of Hikki's songs and they all mean so much to me. So, chances are that if I did this list every week it would slightly change each time depending on what was "in" with me at the time. Anyways, I felt that I should pay tribute to the lovely Hikki's birthday somehow, as she was the one who helped me get over the biggest slump of my life the beginning of last year, which I probably would not have recovered from if it had not been for her. So a very big thank you to Hikki and without further ado, it's list time!

Top 10 Utada Hikaru Songs

10. Simple and Clean
Well, this had to be here as it was through this that I came across Hikki to begin with over 8 years ago. I was really enchanted by the song since I loved the words and could relate to them to some extent. I have to say I had to ponder long if I'd put this here or if I'd put Sanctuary instead, as "music will tie what's left of me now" is very heartfelt to me, but since this was the first song I heard, I figured this had more weight. Plus it does quite well mark the time my life started to change. Heh, seems Hikki is always somehow present when something important goes down in my life. ;)

9. Deep River
I really love this song because I think it's very beautiful, though again it was hard to make the choice between this and Sakura Drops. I was originally captivated by the sole English line, "that's why, that's why, that's why I chose you" and already from that I knew the rest of the lyrics had to be amazing, as they were. I really like the message in this song and especially love this verse considering I seem to be different, an outsider, wherever I go:


Which basically means:

It is better not to think
that one should just allow one's self to be accepted anywhere;
A sword called 'individuality' is bequeathed to all. 

8. Colors
I really love how Hikki uses many different colors in this song to explain things and just think it is quite a piece of art. I really doubt anyone else could really come up with such a brilliant beautiful song of word play like this and still keep it so deep. Also, my Hikki tattoo idea comes from a line in this song: "今の私はあなたの知らない色"   which means "I am your unknown color now".  I really love that line, as it's a good reminder of how you can never understand me completely.

7. Fight the Blues
This song really helped me survive last spring when I was feeling pretty down due to various things. I would nearly every day listen to it while walking to and from the campus, not to mention the first sentence I learned to write in hiragana came from this song, "Onna wa minna joyuu" which means "All women are actresses" haha.

6. Me Muero
My favorite English Hikki song by far! It's just so funny and random that I instantly fell in love with it. The style of the song is also different from her other songs so that also makes this song very unique to me. It's also a nice fun perspective on the sort of feeling you get from time to time, the feeling of just being kind of stuck and having no energy to do anything. This song doesn't make it seem half bad and kinda makes you get a move on. :P

5. Tokyo Nights
I have an interesting history with this song, since first off I did not really like it at all. Or well, I did like it but I did not prefer it. Then I watched Darker than BLACK, and once I heard this song for the first time afterward I just instantly connected it to Misaki even though I had no idea what the lyrics said. After finding out the lyrics did match Misaki very well and were very awesome in any case, I completely fell in love with the song and also through the song I fell in love with Misaki. Now I enjoy nothing more than driving alone at night listening to this song full blast.

4. Keep Tryin'
Well I am sure this did not come as a surprise since I've been pushing this song on to nearly everyone whom I've come across and it was also on my other song list. The lyrics are really clever and lovable and the song just really brings across the notion of how you need to keep trying. I can't even begin to count how many times this song has helped me get through something difficult in my life. Plus, this has one of the best music videos ever, which I cannot stress enough!

3. This is Love
I just purely love this song. I love it. I love it's quirky melody and it's lyrics and and and basically everything. It just makes my step a lot lighter whenever I hear it and it also somehow makes me more determined than ever.  This song is also capable of making me grin stupidly no matter where I am. One day I shall learn to play that melody myself, you mark my words! 冷たい言葉と暖かいキスあげるよ - This is love, this is love! <3

2. Beautiful World
Every time I hear this song it reminds me of how this world is really such a beautiful place, no matter all the things we have to deal with. This is really useful, considering how easily that fact is forgotten and in fact before hearing this song I don't even remember when was the last time I felt that way. This is the sort of song that can make you feel really tranquil while you're sitting somewhere just watching people and their lives pass you by. Also, this is used as the ending theme of the movie rebuild of one of my favorite animes, Neon Genesis Evangelion, which makes it all the more awesome. ;) Very fitting for what goes on in that story I have to say.

1. Goodbye Happiness
I never thought Hikki could come up with a song I'd like more than Beautiful World, but she went and did it. Like I've said many times before when I've talked about this song in my posts, I love how it makes me feel somehow happy and melancholic at the same time and makes me strongly taste the contradiction it creates. The lyrics deal with things I am sure all of us have gone through at one point or another and kinda makes those things feel not so bad after all. It is definitely one of the most beautiful songs I know and it also has the best music video ever! Love you Hikki. Really do. <3


  1. Nice list! :D
    All really good songs.
    Happy Birthday to Hikki too!
    May she be happy with whatever she is doing.

  2. Don't know what to say, other than I didn't realise quite how much her music meant to you.

    Her music is definitely moving, even to me who doesn't understand a word of Japanese :)

    Another brill list :D

  3. @newtype510: Thanks! :D good that you approve of THE list. ;) And yes, hope she had a good birthday and is enjoying her hiatus to the fullest. :) go Hikki!

    @Drunken Munkey: Well that's understandable, considering how I'm going on about Nana all the time atm, she's my current happy pill haha. :D I talked constantly about Hikki last year, which you missed haha I'll let you know later how she helped me pull my shit together.

    Yay! :) Listening to her songs has helped me out a lot in learning Japanese, especially the ones I've used on AMVs since I've had to listen to them over and over while staring at the translations haha.

    And thank you good sir! :>