Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hello World!

Well for some reason, every time I invade a new place like this, I have to explain what I am aiming to do there. Guess it gives me a sense of purpose. Mind you though, what I say I will use this for will probably not be all that accurate - like for example, when I joined DeviantArt and did a post like this... Alas! I have used it for nearly every other possible thing than what I said I would. Whoops. Anyway, here goes!

What I aim to write about here:
  • Pure randomness
  • Explain the deep ideas behind my AMVs (Every time I release a new one)
  • Translate lyrics, Finnish -> English mainly right now, hopefully Japanese -> English eventually
  • Obsessions - obsessions are important!
  • Myself and the crazy happenings of my life

And that's all I can think of now. I think I have pretty much all bases covered with "pure randomness" anyway (unless for some reason the randomness I write is impure? Hmm..). Oh yes, lyric translation requests are more than welcome!

But yes! I look forward to some great times with whoever decides to read this. :)

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