Friday, 18 March 2011

The Story in a Dream

So I had quite an interesting and random dream last night - and I even seem to remember it all! Maybe I should be sick more often so that I'd see such fun dreams. Anyway, figured I'd share this craziness, so enjoy! Wrote it in story format to make it more interesting. :)


It was nearly time for us to head out on the big mission. In my anxious anticipation I checked that I did indeed have everything I needed - an automatic in my gun holster under my jacket, a small pistol stashed in the back of my black sleek trousers and small electronic devices for various purposes in hidden pockets. This mission felt really rushed and not organized enough causing a sense of foreboding to take a hold of my being. I glanced up after finishing my checking routine only to realize Aaron was motioning for me to get a move on - it was time.
We arrived, soaking in the rain, to the small corner art shop that held within it a point of access to the huge mysterious organization we were meant to infiltrate and bug with listening devices. I could not think of any reason for the paint shop to be linked to the organization, but that was probably why it was such a good hidden route to it - no one expected it to be one. It had taken us months of research and surveillance to spot it and finally it was time to take action. Still, I felt it was too soon. Aaron opened the door and we walked into the warmth of the shop. We proceeded to look around at the different art equipment like that was the sole purpose of us being there. A firm voice softly spoke into the transceiver in my ear telling me that we should go to the till to ask for something specific. I pulled Aaron's sleeve and we headed towards the lady by the counter.
"May I help you?" she asked.
"Um, do you have paint for..." was the only thing I had time to say before an energetic girl burst out of the backroom carrying a box full of assorted arts goods. 
"You absolutely must try these!" the girl said and grinned broadly while setting her load on the counter. Without giving us a chance to react she reached into the box and pulled out a bright green container of paint, which she then opened with ease.
"What is that?" Aaron asked.
"It's paint that gives the best result by using your hands!" she said happily and grabbed both of my hands before I could resist and dipped both of them one at a time into the green paint. By reflex I pulled my hands away and exclaimed "What the hell are you doing?!"
"Swipe your hands on this paper now and you'll see!" the girl said pulling an A3 paper from under the counter and nodded.
I did as she said, as I was eager to get the paint of my hands. The paint looked quite beautiful on the paper and I got enchanted with making flowing lines across it forgetting my earlier annoyance and what I was there for in the first place.
Suddenly Aaron squeezed my arm and whispered into my ear "We need to follow him in."
I looked around and noticed a man had just walked in and was making his way to the backroom door. While I was still busy locating the man he was talking about, Aaron requested more paper from the girl and when she crouched behind the counter to get some more he swiftly pulled me to the door and through it at the same time with the man. I remembered the lady who had originally been at the counter and glanced back worried  that she might have noticed, but she was busy serving another customer.
We were now hurrying through the backroom to a set of stairs heading up. The man was briefing us on what lay ahead, telling us to proceed cautiously and undetected. We reached the end of the stairs and met up with a small group of our men. They nodded and said we would next be making a dash across the hall in a tight line. I was quite appalled at the thought - how was that supposed to be cautious and undetectable? I was about to voice my worries to Aaron when the cue sounded and it was time to dash. We had made it to the middle of the hallway when a short alarm sounded. The voice in the transceiver commanded us to scatter and the men began disappearing in various directions. I managed to get a hold of Aaron and we burst into a cafe of sorts. We sat down at a free table, trying to look like we were just two of the organization's employees and belonged there. 
I was trying to calm myself and forget the fact that I still had green hands by intently staring at the cafe menu. I did not even avert my gaze when a lovely voice asked us if we were ready to order. Only when Aaron nudged me and mumbled "Look up for god's sake", did I lift my gaze from the menu. I looked up at the waitress and opened my mouth to say what I wanted to order when the truth hit me and instead I ended up just staring with my mouth open. The waitress was Mizuki Nana. The Mizuki Nana. I just gaped while Aaron made his order and when it was my turn I bravely started to speak with broken Japanese telling her that I actually had her book with me and asked if she could sign it for me. She smiled radiantly and agreed. I was about to hand her the book with my green hands when a sudden burst of light hit my face and blinded me.
When I opened my eyes the scenery around me had changed. I was not in the cafe anymore and Aaron was not there. I was sitting on top of the ruins of a broken sky scraper. I had a strong feeling that Nana was still there beside me, so I turned my head and there she was. For some reason I felt confusion invade my mind like the plague and blinked. That was not Nana beside me, it was Utada Hikaru! She was huddling under a blanket and a manager of sorts was talking to her in a hushed voice. I interrupted with my broken Japanese, as my brain was too confused to comprehend that Utada could actually speak English perfectly. They looked at me and smiled. The manager told me that everyone was trying to get down from the building. I nodded and decided to followed them.
We had not descended much when a very narrow plank lay before us. It was obviously crossable, but by one person at a time. Utada stepped forward preparing to be the first to try it.
"Hold it you Asian!" said a rumbling voice from the right. 
I turned my head and saw a group of three western delinquents. They were staring at Utada and the manager with disgust.
"You should let us cross first, know your place!" the same delinquent continued and took a step toward Utada. I placed myself between them glaring fiercely at him, daring him to take another step forward.
"Huh, you're with them? Even though you're a westerner like us?" he asked, most of his earlier confidence lost. I nodded quietly and motioned to Utada that she should cross. She heeded the sign and was quickly followed by her manager. I quickly flashed the automatic under my jacket at the delinquents and then followed the two leaving the delinquents standing on the other side with confused looks on their faces.
When I caught up to Utada and her manager on the otherwise they seemed to be looking quite glum. I decided to try and lighten the mood only to realize I did not have the Japanese vocabulary to do so. In utter desperation the only thing I could think of was to teach Utada different handshakes. "A-a-amerika-jin," I stammered and shook her hand, then proceeding to another sort of handshake. Luckily, she seemed  to get the idea quite fast, making me relax a bit. I ended my silly routine by saying "Battoman!" and forming my hands to do the Batman shake. That had Utada howling with laughter and I felt I had succeeded in my mission. My mission? What was my mission again.... Another blinding light burst from nowhere forcing me to close my eyes.
When I opened my eyes, I was awake.

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