Monday, 24 January 2011

Aunt Norie is pure win!

Now while I've been on break, I've had the chance to be the bookworm that I really am. Currently I am quite captivated by the Rei Shimura book series (of which I shall talk later in another entry) and I have to say I really love her aunt Norie. She's so Japanese yet quite accepting. I especially found her really lovable in The Pearl Diver, the 7th book in the series, where she comes to visit Rei in Washington.

My favorite part from the book is when Rei and Norie are discussing something with this Japanese couple in English and the couple says how the Japanese wives who came with their American husbands to the States 30 years ago had trouble adjusting as suddenly they did not know how to go to the supermarket, drive a car or make food in the oven and Norie misunderstands the English and thinks they're talking about the current situation and exclaims that Japanese women do know how to drive cars and go shopping in a supermarket and that she even has an oven herself as do many other Japanese women. Rei then corrects her. Later on Norie is talking with a politician and the politician tells that he made his first trip to Japan in the seventies and it's still one of his favorite places to visit, because he loves all the traditions and then comments that sometimes it feels like time has stopped in Japan. Then Norie exclaims:

"That's lovely! You need to come visit again. In Japan women drive cars, stoves have ovens and so forth!"

I found all that really funny. Love you aunt Norie! :')

I really wish I had a Japanese aunt, that would be so epic. She could teach me all the traditions like how to put on a kimono, ikebana, how to serve tea and so forth and cook me delicious food, and show me what it's like to be Japanese. I've already noticed from reading these books that I now think to myself about some things like "This would've been seen like this by the Japanese and they'd react to this like this bla bla". I wonder if my Japanese teacher would let me call her Obasan? Haha that'd be so awesome. Or then I'd have to become the Japanese aunt myself. I mean I cannot be Japanese but if I go to Japan and stay there I could adapt to the ways and become awesome like Norie. Hey, it could happen! Then my nieces and nephews and whomever could come visit me and enjoy my aunt-awesomeness. :>


  1. I envy your time spent reading, I normally only get a few pages in a day at the moment with all the stuff I got going on :P

    So are those books are in Japanese or English? I'm so getting the other Lian Hearn books ^_^

  2. I'll be back to that soon when I leave here.. lol D:

    Awh, I am flattered that you think my Japanese is good enough to read a book. :> Sadly, I still have a long way to go, but perhaps Nana's autobiography will increase my motivation even higher than it is now. xD But yeah, the books are originally in English, though I've been reading them in Finnish since I borrowed them from my brother. :) Good practice for me since I tend to avoid reading in Finnish and prefer English books lol. I read English faster than Finnish, or used to anyway. Quite sad. xD

    And awesome! Very wise decision indeed. I think I shall go on a book hunt myself and try to find these Rei Shimura books, since as I probably want to read them again at some point it would be good to actually own them myself. >:)