Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Okay today was definitely a day filled with epic randomness. Here are some of the highlights listed.

  • Stalker plans - enough said. Our stalker club shall become world-known and people shall cosplay as us.
  • Coming up with the best instruments to play ping pong with - like a banana, wet sock, reindeer-patterned  thong... etc.
  • Making plans to make Nana's face out of M&M's, taking a picture of it for her.... then eating her face.
  • Getting sucked into the black holes of a golden and a red Christmas bauble (ball) and merging together to form Ultimate Diamond.
  • Eating a gingerbread Na..... I mean, man, by starting from the bottom and working my way up slowly~!
  • Plan to make cookies with Nana's characters' faces on them and sending her a picture yet again! "If you come over, we can make these for you."
  • New pick-up line to say to Nana: "Excuse me, are you Mizuki Nana-san? Would it be okay if I licked your fingers and smelled your hair?"
  • Finding a Heart with a heart in it with a baby in that and throwing it in a bush ("Gasp! Aren't you going to keep the baby?!").
  • Sucking on Lucky Sticks. Pink ones.
  • Relationship crisis in Japanese class, because apparently I cheat. Kinue says otherwise though, and Kinue's word is law because she's Japanese and she's epic. >:D
  • Dance-walking Koi no Yokushiryoku -Type Exciter when coming back from Japanese class. And still doing it better than that YouTube girl, pwned! 
  • making PANCAKES!
  • Girly talk about.... yeah, not gonna say heh heh hee. ;)
  • eating PANCAKES!
  • Cowboy simulation photo.
  • Promise to go try...... something new!
  • A deep conversation about nearly everything between the earth and heavens on the way home. 
  • Talking about what I would do if Utada and Nana started dating each other. Answer: "Can I join?!"
  • Blowjobs, perky Nana and sweat... mmm..!

Love you people. :)

And now! The score for this one-shot performance is as follows...


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